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Defending the DINK Lifestyle

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My dad called us DINKS the other day. I had heard the word once before but had to be reminded what it meant. D.I.N.K. is an acronym for Dual Income No Kids. Couples who are married, both work, and choose to remain child-free.

Since a cutesy name has been created for this way of living, I realized that it must be becoming more common. That led me to my Google search where I found some pretty nasty articles about it. I was kind of shocked. I mean, I know people have opinions on every topic under the sun, but why would anyone on the planet (outside of our family and friends) care if we don’t reproduce? Who the heck does it hurt?

Defending the DINK Lifestyle

Defending the DINK Lifestlye

Of course, every couple who makes the decision to have or not have children has their own personal reasons. I will not go into all of ours in this post, but trust me, we have several valid reasons to not have our own kids. Honestly, I think more people should think before procreating and the world would be a better place. Okay, sorry… now I am being nasty, but this topic really puts me on the offense.

There is no shortage of people on this planet. In fact, the world is completely over-populated. Even if the number of DINK couples is rising, there’s still so many more couples having babies. I know several families who have five or more kids. Consider us balancing them out a bit. I don’t think the human race is in danger of extinction at this point. (For the record — I don’t care how many kids other people have, just please don’t judge me if I have zero!)

I am old enough now to know to “never say never” but, as of right now, we have no plans to have kids. This frees up our time to enjoy each other, our pets, and do whatever we want. Not all of our decisions are selfish, though. We make a point to support many charities and help out where we can. We are in the works to start fostering dogs, and plan to rescue more when we are able to.

One of the common thoughts in the articles that I read was that the DINK lifestyle is selfish. I don’t think that’s fair to say at all. I could even argue that in some cases having children is selfish. What about the people that have more and more kids just so their government check is bigger each month? You hear about that all the time. My husband and I both work, we pay our taxes, and we give back when we can.

There are many reasons that I could be called selfish, but my decision to not have a baby is not one of them. I don’t think this lifestyle choice should be automatically stereotyped as selfish. It’s really no one’s business other than the couple involved.

Are you, or do you know any people living the DINK lifestyle? Do they experience judgement because of it?

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