Drink More Water By Adding Some Zing to it

Most of us need to drink more water. For some this can be a real challenge. I received two products from Zing Anything to help you add some zing to your water! This concept can possibly help the sugary-beverage addicts and get them to switch to water with some zing.

Drink More Water

Drink More Water By Adding Some Zing to it

Drink more water seems to be a constant mantra with all things healthy. Whether you are on a diet, or just trying to improve your overall health, more water is on the menu. This doesn’t mean pop or any other sugar-laden beverages — WATER.

I have had episodes with kidney stones ever since my teens. A few weeks ago I had my second Lithotripsy procedure. This is where they put you to sleep and send an electric pulse into your kidney to bust up large stones. In order to put a stop to this nonsense, I have been on a mission to drink at least a gallon of water per day. In addition to the benefits of flushing my kidneys, my skin also looks clearer, I have more energy, and I am losing some weight. Win!

Plain water can get a little boring, though. I was really intrigued by the products over at Zing Anything! Lately I have been seeing a lot of buzz about fruit-infused waters, and these products are a great way to do it. Less mess and more options when it comes to infusing flavor into your water.

Drink More Water By Adding Some Zing to it

I tried the Citrus Zinger with a lemon first. Of course, I purchased a monstrous lemon, so I had to cut the rind to make it fit. Otherwise, it’s so easy to just place the wedge into the bottom of the zinger and twist. Since the whole bottom comes off, you can also add ice to the bottle through that bigger opening. Use this with any citrus fruits like, lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit. Having my lemon-infused water was a real treat! I drank it twice as fast as I do when it’s plain.

Drink More Water By Adding Some Zing to it

The Aqua Zinger is the other innovative flavor infuser that I tried out. Here’s where you can really get creative. Add relatively any fruit or vegetable to the bottom and twist to chop and release the flavors into your water. I did my first one with blueberry and lemon. At first I thought the bottle would be awkward to drink from, but it’s not bad, and I am happy to hear they have a sports cap coming soon! That will make it perfect. Since this one is stainless steel, it’s also safe for hot liquids, as well.

Drink More Water By Adding Some Zing to it

My blueberry and lemon combo was de-lish! Some other possible combos that would be good are:

  • Cucumber, lemon, mint & ginger (kind of like Sassy Water)
  • Watermelon & basil
  • Kiwi & lime
  • Strawberry & Peach

For lots of recipes and ideas, visit the recipe center on the Zing Anything website.

In addition to these two products, they also have a Salad Zinger and a Vodka Zinger.

Be on your way to drinking more water and purchase a bottle from Zing Anything! Stay social with them by following on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

What fruits, veggies and herbs would you like to zing?

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  1. What a great idea! I love adding fruit to my water and this looks like such a natural and delicious way to do so that I’m adding this to my wish list!

  2. My sympathies on the kidney stones, I know people who’ve had them and they have to drink tons and tons of water too! I really think these bottles are a great idea. It gives you a way to jazz up your water with little preparation since it’s all done right in the bottle.

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, it’s not fun! But, this is definitely a great way to make the drinking part more interesting. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen those and I’ve wondered if they really worked. I’m glad I found your review! I have the awfullest time drinking water. I don’t know why it’s such a chore for me but hopefully this will help. Thank you!

  4. this looks SO neat! i think i’d do kiwi strawberry. thats my favorite combo these days. oh or pomegranate blueberry.

  5. I have been wanting one of these for some time. I just read your post and checked it out on the site, I didn’t realize they have a salad zinger too! How cool!!

  6. I like the fact you can spruce up the taste of water. I have hard time getting husband to drink plain water maybe this will work

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