Fragrant Essential Oils for a Humidifier

When I talk about our humidifier, I’m referring to our incredible Venta Airwasher. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I discovered that Venta offers fragrant essential oils for a humidifier.

Because I am so in love with our Airwasher, I decided to partner with Venta in their ambassadorship program, the Venta Pure Air Coalition (PAC).

This allows me to try some of their products and use affiliate links.

The best Essential Oils for a Humidifier

Essential Oils for a Humidifier

I have often wondered if it was possible to simply add essential oils to a humidifier. I don’t think it’s a good idea for just any old humidifier because it may gum up their insides.

However, with the Venta Airwasher, adding their line of fragrant essential oils is perfectly fine.

The best Essential Oils for a Humidifier

Not only is the air in my house fresh from being so clean, but now it smells wonderful.

Sometimes like a tropical rainforest, cozy like a winter cabin, or relaxing like a spa. It’s so fun to choose how I want to ‘scent the mood’.

The best Essential Oils for a Humidifier

It’s not like I’m trying to cover up any bad smells anymore either. There’s nothing worse than trying to disguise something foul with something nice and ending up with a whole new breed of nasty stench.

Starting with already ‘washed’ air, these light fragrances just tint the air with a soft scent. As a migraine sufferer, I can be super sensitive to fragrance.

I absolutely despise being overrun by heavy aroma–good and bad.

The best Essential Oils for a Humidifier

So, I’m thrilled to report that not only do these not trigger a migraine, but I actually find that the Eucalyptus oil is quite soothing.

All the Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy line is light and pleasant but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Citrus Garden.

I love coming into the house and having it smell like a refreshing spring day.

I swear the whole house and its inhabitants are in a better mood now that we’ve been adding these essential oils for a humidifier to our Airwasher.

Check out 11 reasons you need a Venta Airwasher in your life here, and then

Have you ever tried fragrant essential oils for a humidifier before?

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    1. Hi Vickie! The Venta Airwasher is the only 2in1 humidifier & purifier with our own line of Aromatherapy, enabling our customers to enhance their pure air experience. Start your two-week trial today.

  1. I never thought of essential oils for the humidifier. These fragrant essential oils seem wonderful and I love the different scents offered.

    1. Maryann, with six unique scents each made with 100% all-natural essential oils, there’s a Venta Aromatherapy fragrance for every mood and occasion.

  2. I never knew that you could put fragrant essential oils in a humidifier. I love the idea , but sojme people might become asthmatic.

    1. All of the fragrances in the Venta Aromatherapy line are made with 100% all-natural essential oils that are exclusively formatted for use in our Airwashers. However, they are only an optional enhancement! The Venta Airwasher produces perfect indoor air quality, with or without the Aromatherapy.

  3. I love my defuser but I would be so nervous putting oils in a humidifier. I will have to check out this humidifyer would be great for winter when the defuser is not enough.

    1. Jenn, we absolutely understand your hesitation! Our Venta Aromatherapy has been specially formatted and tested for use in our Airwashers. The Airwasher provides perfect indoor air quality year-round, with no over-humidification possible. Check us out today!

    1. The Venta Airwasher is the way to perfect indoor air quality with the unique feature of optional Aromatherapy fragrances. Try the Venta Airwasher today!

    1. Sarah, the Airwasher is an investment in your indoor air quality. With German engineering and manufacturing, along with a 10-year warranty, the Airwasher will keep your family happier and healthier for years to come.

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