3 Graduation Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

It’s time to start thinking of graduation gift ideas for the upcoming graduates in your life. I received a few products for review that would be perfect for gadget lovers. This post also contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

Of course, most graduates would welcome cash as a gift. My sister is graduating college this year, and I know she needs cash more than anything. However, it’s not as fun to gift cash alone. I like to give at least a little something to wrap up along with the coveted dollar bills.

Here are a few graduation gifts for people that love gadgets and electronics. Which it’s safe to say, that’s probably all graduates.

Graduation Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Graduation Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Chic Buds Clutchette Power – A fashionable wristlet clutch that charges most smartphones. It’s a bag that charges your phone. It’s a light and convenient way to carry only what you need while keeping your phone charged. The chic Clutchette features an ultra-thin battery, built-in USB cords and room to carry your keys, lip gloss, and other essentials! They also have an Ian Somerhalder collection, ladies. Yes, you can help support the hottie’s amazing foundation by making a purchase. A portion of the proceeds will help Ian’s important projects that make him even more adorable in our eyes.

Price $49.99

Graduation Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Personalized Case from The Case Studio – Everyone needs a phone case. Seriously, do not learn the hard way when it comes to protecting your expensive smartphone. Give the gift of a certificate to your graduate to personalize their own tough case. I designed a beautiful case for my iPhone 5. I love the colors, design, and the logo with my initials. My iPhone is protected without sacrificing fashion.

Graduation Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Price – $49.95

Your graduate will be busy sending resumes and using up that laptop memory. Gift the ability to recharge all their devices with the Apelpi. It will recharge phones, laptops, Kindles and other devices while being easily stored in a briefcase.

Price – $54.99

Do you have any graduation gift ideas for gadget lovers? Do you have any graduates to buy for this year?

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  1. My step son is graduating from high school this year and i have NO clue what to get him. I need to get on that, though – it’s only a month away.

  2. My three kids have already graduated and now we have a grandson although he’s just under 2 years of age. As far as techy gifts for our kids, they are very much into their cellphones so I think a custom cover and a phone charger would make great gifts for them.

  3. Those are all such great gift ideas. I know I would like any of them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I cannot believe it is almost time for graduation! I think my daughter would like the Personalized Case from The Case Studio

  5. I love the idea of the phone case. A personalized phone case is a great idea for just about anybody.

  6. These would be great gifts. I really love the personalized phone case. That would be such a lovely gift!

  7. how is it may already?! i love that little charger. what a great gift and the price is perfect!

  8. I’d get a tech lover an iTunes Gc for their graduation, and maybe some nice ear buds. I think the charger is super cute too!

  9. I can’t believe its that time of year already!! These are great graduation gifts for any student!

  10. I may not be graduating, but I would appreciate receiving any of these gift ideas. I really like to have a few different phone cases on hand to switch at will and this personalized option is so cute!

  11. My husband is graduating from dental school this year. I am getting him an iPad for his residency program. I love that charting wristlet, thats super handy!

  12. Cute! I have always wanted a personalized cell phone case! Thanks for showing me where to get one!

  13. These are really cool products! I know a few girls who would love the Clutchette!

  14. Ian Somerhalder is even more swoon-worthy now! Thanks so much for the lowdown on his cause. I never would have known!

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