My Gram – My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

My fashion inspiration and beauty icon has always been my Gram. My grandparents raised me, so my grandma was the one to help shape my personal style. Sponsored post by Lunchbox.

My Gram - My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

Raising her own six kids and then stepping up to the plate to raise me, my Gram has always been an inspiration in many ways. As I get older, I recognize and appreciate her strength even more. It just floors me that she was able to raise six (seven including me) kids, keep a spotless house, have dinner on the table every night, and still look amazing each day. Now that I am an adult, I realize how her days were purely devoted to all of us. I am lucky if I accomplish an eighth of what she does each day. At 82 years old, my Gram still runs circles around me.

My Gram - My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

Gram has always taken pride in her appearance. You won’t run into her without makeup on or her hair properly curled. She’s relaxed a bit since she’s gotten older, but she’s not happy about it. While I was growing up, she would always coach me on looking my best each time I left the house. Most of the time, I would find it annoying, but now I understand the lesson. It’s not about vanity or being selfish, looking your best instills a confidence that’s important to how you carry yourself overall. We mustn’t forget that there was a generation skipped with us, as well. Things were different when she was growing up.

My Gram - My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

This is my Gram at the dentist, you guys. The Dentist!

My Gram’s Daughter (and another fashion inspiration), my Aunt Denise, is the same way. She’s stunning each time she leaves the house. She’s a strong and confident woman who’s ready for anything anytime you see her. That’s thanks to her mother, as well.

My Gram - My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

Look at my Gram on the left! Holy super hottie!

Although I cannot say that I dress my best each time I leave the house, I do at least try to and other things that make me feel a bit more secure. My Gram’s words echo in my head when I am about to depart in my sweats, “You aren’t going to leave the house like that, are you?”. LOL… Hey, when I run into someone I know, I am thanking her for drilling this into my head! That is why I love Dove’s latest campaign, Four Generations. Dove always has the most uplifting and inspiring messages, and this one is especially heartwarming.

My Gram - My Fashion Inspiration and Beauty Icon

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So let’s hear it, who influenced your style the most growing up? What kind of beauty and fashion inspiration will you pass down through the generations? Tag your mom, aunt, sister, daughter and all the women in your family, all generations! Share your family beauty stories in a comment below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MeijerBeautyStory.

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  1. Wow, your Gram sure is beautiful! I cant even tell how old she is because she looks great!

  2. What sweet photo’s and memories. My have fashions changed over the years haven’t they?

  3. I love that your grandmother was a beauty inspiration. My Gram taught me all about make up and it was so much fun!

  4. Wow, you have such a beautiful family of strong women! Mine is my sister, she’s always inspired me, in fashion too!

  5. Dang Your Gram is so beautiful! I never would have guessed she was in her 80s! I was thinking MAYBE pushing 50…MAYBE! She looks fabulous!

  6. Wowza what a beautiful woman your Gram is. I tried to tech my kids to stay true to themselves. They should wear whatever they like.

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