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Back to School for Girls – How to Build Confidence

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Going back to school can be a difficult time for some kids. It’s important to have some tips on how to build confidence. Many kids are excited to head back to see their friends, meet new ones, and start new adventures.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. Some children need esteem building tools to brave their peers. Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own.

Back to School for Girls - How to Build Confidence

How to Build Confidence for Heading Back to School

Back to School for Girls - How to Build Confidence

Allow self-expression – Sure, you will want to shoot down some of your daughter’s ideas for her back to school look, but giving in a bit will help build her confidence. My sister allowed my niece, Chesney, to get her ears pierced. I think her smile shows how happy this made her. That was a major esteem booster right there.

Back to School for Girls - How to Build Confidence

New supplies – New stuff makes everyone feel better, doesn’t it? Even if it’s hand-me-downs, it’s new to them. Kids love showing up to school with a new backpack, hairstyle, shoes, or even just a lunchbox.

Organize their space – Coming home to an organized area to focus on homework and studies can help a child feel better about themselves and their abilities. Work with them to create a space that’s all their own. They can take pride in that area and learn how working clutter-free is much more productive.

Practice a beauty routine – Establishing a good hygiene routine is obviously a confidence booster. This is extra important for teens and tweens since their hormones are beginning to challenge any bath and body product. Teach them a healthy skin care and overall cleansing routine the earlier, the better. Dove has an entire line of gentle, yet effective products perfect for any routine.

Spread esteem – Bullying is an ongoing problem and, sadly, it’s not going anywhere. Ignoring it is not the answer. Instead, teach your kids how to remain confident in themselves to stand up to bullies. Have sleepover parties to teach other littles how to build confidence. Hopefully, it will allow them to help squash bullying within their circles.

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Share your tips on how to build confidence in the comments below!

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