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Heroes Come in Many Forms – Thanksgiving Heroes

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Today is a day that we honor our heroes that fought for our country. The sacrifices and selfless commitments they made for our freedom is beyond anything. I have the utmost respect, and not even enough words to express my gratitude. Heroes come in many forms, though, and we can find people completing acts of heroism on a daily basis. Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of La Brea Bakery.

La Brea Bakery is running an awesome contest to help families honor Thanksgiving traditions

Heroes Come in Many Forms

Many people miss holidays like Thanksgiving with their families due to their jobs. Doctors, nurses, servers, police officers, gas station employees, and so many other jobs require work on holidays. Whatever the job entails, these people miss family celebrations to provide services for the rest of us.

Heroes Come in Many Forms - Thanksgiving Heroes Contest

I want to talk about my dad as a hero today. You may already know that my family owns a heating and air conditioning business. It’s a local company that focuses mainly on new installation and new construction. The business doesn’t focus on service, but they service the equipment that they install. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, and that’s when service calls are usually taken. However, my dad will go out of his way to check in even when it’s not required. My uncles have all done this, as well. I have seen each one of them leave family parties to fix someone’s furnace or air conditioner.

Heroes Come in Many Forms - Thanksgiving Heroes Contest

Chasing his sister with a snake. Good ole family fun – ha!

My dad left one Thanksgiving to fix a furnace that went out. The people were having their own Thanksgiving gathering and the guests were freezing. My dad saved the day. He was hugged, fed, and probably never forgotten by the people. He didn’t do it to charge them hundreds of dollars, he did it to make sure their Thanksgiving day was not ruined.

Heroes Come in Many Forms - Thanksgiving Heroes Contest

Ultimately, the person behind all of this is my grandfather. He’s the one that taught his boys their incredible work ethic, and that you take care of people. Operating a good business isn’t all about money, it’s about the quality of service you provide in the community.


La Brea Bakery Thanksgiving Heroes Contest

La Brea Bakery, the leading artisan bread in the United States, is running a promotion to honor Thanksgiving Heroes. Here’s your chance to nominate your “Thanksgiving Hero” for a chance to win. La Brea Bakery will deliver fully catered meals to 5 finalists across the nation on Thanksgiving. Submissions close Nov 15th, 2015.

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Awesome contest to help families honor Thanksgiving traditions

Who is your Thanksgiving Hero?

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