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Gifts for your Honey from Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company has the sweet gifts that you need for your honey this Valentine’s Day. This post is brought to you by Savannah Bee Company, but all opinions are my own.

Skip the flowers this year and surprise your sweetie with some real honey. Not only will they be impressed with your creative choice, but you also will be supporting a company that’s spreading a great message.

Chocolate honey bar from Savannah Bee Company.

Savannah Bee Company

It’s not new news that our honey bees are in danger. Savannah Bee is helping to spread awareness and educate young ones on the importance of honey bees.

Through Bee Education and the Bee Cause Project, kids are learning to respect and protect these tiny pollinators. It’s refreshing to see actions taking place to help with this very real issue.

Honey gift package from Savannah Bee.
Gifts for your Honey from Savannah Bee Company

Once you try the products that Savannah Bee Company has to offer, you will want to save the honey-makers! It’s amazing that small flying insects that most of us {ahem} run screaming from can create such delicious and magical products.

Honey is only one of the creations these bees buzz around creating. There’s also beeswax, royal jelly, and probably even more that I am unaware of that are so healthy for us.

Honey caramel delight gift package.

Honey Caramel Delight package

My sweet and sensitive Valentine honey package.

My Sweet and Sensitive Valentine package

Gifts for your Honey

There are several beautiful gift packages available from Savannah Bee Company. From bath and body pampering products to sweet and scrumptious edible goodies, they have it all. Everything is natural and a shows the true passion that the company has for their bees.

Watch the video and see how much genuine love they have for their honey bees. It’s like they are teeny pets.

Honey and caramels in a package.

I wasn’t aware that there were so many types of honey. I also never got more adventurous than putting it in my tea. That’s about to change.

After exploring the recipe section on the Savannah website, I can’t wait to get creative. I already used the Raw Tupelo Honey in a wine gummies recipe. Yum!

If you haven’t gotten a gift for your Valentine yet, check out Savannah Bee Company. They have several packages from which to choose. Allow me to speak for most women when I say that any of the packages would be a great surprise. 😉


Saturday 25th of April 2015

I love honey and this u s a great company - so many products. I'd like to try the shampoo and conditioner and the chocolate bar. Perfect for Mother's day too!

Lily Kwan

Thursday 5th of February 2015

I like the Royal Jelly Body Butter the best.

Nora Hamlin

Thursday 5th of February 2015

I would like the Tupelo Honey. Thanks for giveaway.


Thursday 5th of February 2015

My favorite is the Beeswax Hand Cream 3.4 oz.

Vennesa Kelly

Thursday 5th of February 2015

I would like to try the beeswax hand cream. I bet it would make my dry cracked hands feel so good