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How to Clean a Bathroom Effectively

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It’s as important to know how to clean a bathroom properly as it is to clean it at all. The bathroom is really the grossest room in the house. It’s full of bacteria and germs, and we humans are much more disgusting than we’d like to admit. That’s why I’ve decided to give you all the info you need on how to clean a bathroom effectively.

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How to Clean a Bathroom Effectively #BehindClosedDoors

Bathrooms are Disgusting

I take that back. Bathrooms aren’t disgusting, they’re super disgusting. Here are some statistics from the Scrubbing Bubbles ® Dirty Work Index, which revealed hilarious and unconventional bathroom habits, that grossed me out to an extreme level that I’ve rarely felt before. Take a look at the bacterial horror.

  • 60% of people flush the toilet with the seat up. Bacteria and microscopic fecal matter fly out and cover your bathroom surfaces in a fine layer of grodiness. When I found this out, I threw out my toothbrushes and disinfected everything that was on the counters, even my hairbrush!
  • Two out of every five guys admit to going to the bathroom in the shower. Keyword: ADMIT. *shudder*
  • 23% of people admitted to not washing their hands after using the bathroom. Again, that keyword. ADMIT *double shudder*

These statistics make me do a whole body cringe. On top of these statistics, I have three dogs. I’m sure they’re tracking all kinds of dirt and bacteria into the house and right into the bathroom where the water dish is. Blech.

How to Clean a Bathroom Effectively #BehindClosedDoors

How to Clean a Bathroom Like a Boss

Between my dogs and the hideous info above, I knew it was time to get my bathroom super clean. I mean super duper, obsessively clean. I busted out the Scrubbing Bubbles® and got to work. Here is the method I’ve found to be most effective in cleaning my bathroom to get a Complete Clean.

Start at the Top

When you clean your bathroom – or anything else for that matter – you want to start with the highest surfaces first. That way as you clean, you’re constantly picking up any debris, dust, or bacteria that could have floated down to lower surface. I like to dust everything first. Then I move on to cleaning my mirrors. After that I hit the shower, the counters and sink, the toilet, and lastly, the floor. When you follow this order, everything gets cleaned thoroughly.

How to Clean a Bathroom Effectively #BehindClosedDoors

Use a Great Cleaning Product

When I clean, I use Scrubbing Bubbles®. Its foaming action gets into all the cracks and crevices in my bathroom. In addition to cleaning soap scum and hard water buildup, the antibacterial and antiviral properties of Scrubbing Bubbles ensures that all the grode in the bathroom is properly dealt with. I even use it in the toilet! I just spray a heavy amount into the toilet, let it sit for a while, and then scrub a dub dub with a brush. Boom. Clean.

Want to hear a disgusting story? Sure you do. Our new(ish) puppy, Franklin, just refuses to become fully potty-trained. He knows that he’s supposed to go outside, but will not wait. So unless you are right there to open the door for him, he’s going to go if he’s gotta go. Not only does he relieve himself, but then proceeds to step in it, and has even rolled in it. This leads to many baths. I have to scoop him up and run straight to the bathroom with his feces-loaded little body. Talk about nasty! After episodes like that, I have to thoroughly clean my entire path. Needless to say, we go through our fair share of Scrubbing Bubbles! It’s all worth it to have our precious dogs, though. One look in his loving eyes erases the gross moments.

Bathrooms are the absolute definition of disgusting. Even if you can’t see the nasty, it’s there. Follow these tips on how to clean a bathroom, and you’ll be safe from the bathroom grodies.

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