Pet Odor Home Hacks

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The more pets in the house, the more joy if you ask me! However, we have to face the reality of pet odor. There’s a stench factor to consider which increases with each additional furry friend.

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When you live with multiple pets, it’s easy to become nose blind. It takes leaving your house for a while to get a whiff of what others experience when they enter your home.

Tips to Fight Pet Odor for Multiple Dog Households

There are obvious ways to tackle pet odor, like deep cleaning your house and bathing your pets often. But, let’s think of some other ways to help fight pet odor.

Here are some ways to fight pet odor without lighting candles or spraying harsh fragrances. These are easy little tweaks to add, or just a friendly reminder of small details we often forget.

Be sure to read my 3 tips to help eliminate harsh chemicals in the home. It includes a review of a non-toxic cleaner that’s safe for kids and pets.

Angel Soft toilet paper sitting on a bathtub ledge.

Scented Tube Toilet Paper

If you like to avoid candles and sprays like we do, toilet paper with a scented tube is an excellent option. Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube is an effortless way to lightly fragrance your bathroom.

No pets are necessary to enjoy the Fresh Lavender Scent that is applied to the toilet paper tube. I wouldn’t want the toilet paper itself to have fragrance, but the tube? That’s just genius.

With each spin of the toilet paper roll, the subtle scent of lavender releases into the air. Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent allows people to leave the bathroom smelling better than when they entered!

Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube is not overpowering, but adds just enough of a pleasant smell to help mask any lingering dog odors.

Chihuahua getting paw wiped with toilet paper.

Wipe Doggy Paws

Do you wipe your pets’ paws after each potty trip outside? I try not to overthink about the things my dogs track in because I’ll unleash my inner germaphobe. In any case, giving a quick wipe to the paws upon reentry is an excellent habit to start.

I keep a roll of Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube and a spray bottle of water down by our outside door. The scented tube also provides the lovely aroma that’s much needed in that area.

Once the dogs come inside from the yard, I use a square of toilet paper that’s dampened with water to do a quick wipe of the doggy paws as they come in.

Dogs usually get used to new routines quickly, so they now know to stop to get their feet wiped. This easy step helps cut down on dirt, germs, and who knows what else, being tracked into the house.

We also added an outdoor faucet attachment that makes it easier to wash hands and paws outside.

Homemade air freshener sitting next to plush dog toys.

Impossibly Easy DIY Air Freshener

Using 2-3 ingredients, you can create a potent air freshener for any room. I used lavender for the example to match the Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent currently in our bathroom.

Yield: 1 jar

Easy DIY Air Freshener

Homemade air freshener sitting next to plush dog toys.

Using 2-3 ingredients, you can create a potent air freshener for any room.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Active Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Jar - I used a jelly jar, and it's plenty big enough
  • Dried lavender - or your favorite dried herb or flower
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Fabric (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)


  1. Simply layer dried lavender and baking soda to fill the jar.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the top or to the fabric if you desire. I didn't do this since the aroma was strong enough as is.
  3. Top with fabric or poke holes in the lid of the jar. (Anything that lets the fragrance escape.)
  4. Tie fabric with a pretty ribbon.
  5. Place the jars throughout your home for a super easy air freshener. They also make cute gifts!

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Clean Pet Beds

When cleaning a room, it’s so easy to skip right over the pet beds. In this house, it’s usually because a pet or two is currently occupying said beds. Since the dogs spend so much of their time napping away, those beds should be cleaned frequently.

I set up a task for myself as a reminder to clean the pet beds once per week. I shoot for the same day as their bath day so clean little bodies lay in clean little beds.

Angel Soft toilet paper in a bathroom with plants.

Clean Air Vents

When is the last time you removed one of your air vents to see what’s happening under there? Let’s just say I was slightly mortified the last time I checked mine.

There was quite a bit of dog fur in the vent and just under it. I now make an effort to wash the vents and thoroughly vacuum up any fur I can access.

Brush Dogs

This may seem obvious, but give your dogs a thorough brushing before their bath. Loosening up excess fur and dander with a brush will help get them even cleaner during bath time. I suggest brushing outdoors, if possible.

Clean Furniture

Have a couch potato pooch? Be sure to wipe down all furniture, throw pillows, blankets, and anything else your pet spends a lot of time near.

We have blankets on the couch for movie nights. If I don’t pick them up after each use, the dogs lay on them, and the blankets ripen up after only a few days.

Clean Bowls, Toys, and Other Accessories

Other items often overlooked while cleaning are pet accessories. Where was that leash dragged during your last walk? When’s the last time that food dish got a proper scrubbing? All of these things contribute to funky smells.

The Grump has a plush toy that he nurses all day, every day. This toy smells like actual raw sewage. It took us a while to figure out the source of this stench. After a team effort of sniffing it out, we now know his plush toys need to be cleaned or replaced often!

Chihuahua dog sitting next to toilet paper rolls.

Change Filters

Mark your calendar to change your furnace and air cleaner filters out regularly. If you have multiple pets, perhaps consider changing them even more often than suggested.

There you have it. Simple little tweaks to make to help fight pet odor in households with multiple dogs.

Stock up on packages of Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube for instant freshness. Another hint: Rip little holes into the packages and wherever you keep your toilet paper will also smell amazing!

Do you have any pet odor home hacks to add?

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  1. Thomas Gibson says:

    Thank you so much for posting these awesome tips for us pet owners. Sometimes I think we get used to our own pets and then our guests visit us and perhaps put off by the very odors we have been accustomed to.

  2. Heather Hollands says:

    I cleaned the filter of my air conditioner, but then I took the back off the air conditioner and couldn’t believe all the hair and gunk that was trapped inside. So, I would say clean that, too, as well as any fans in the house.

    1. Oooh yeah. :/ Ick, I’m afraid to look at ours! Thank you for the tips!

  3. Lydia Goodman says:

    Great tips – and great reminders! Its so easy to get used to our fur baby aroma that sometimes we forget not everyone is used to it the way we are.

  4. Great tips! I love the lavender in the toilet paper roll idea. I’ve found that rubber gloves make getting pet hair off of furniture super easy. Just put a glove on and wipe over the hair. It kind of rolls up so you can pull it off the furniture. 😀

    1. Oooh great tip! I need to do that TODAY!

  5. Harper's Mom says:

    That was a really great idea to use Angel Soft lavender scented toilet paper as an air freshener!

  6. This came at a good time – I have two very smelly dogs who are getting stinkier in their old age! Ha! I will look for this!

  7. I know that dogs can bring in dirt and odors. Wiping their paws after they are outside is a great idea.

  8. Wiping their paws after they go out to potty has to start when they’re a puppy, in my opinion and experience. We tried that with an older dog, and they weren’t having any of it! I do love these hacks for getting rid of pet odor!

  9. I didn’t know Angel Soft had that. That is great! I’ll have to check for that the next time I’m shopping. I love that it’s scented now.

  10. These hacks will be great for my friend! She has a little adorable dog! I am so agree that you need to clean pets’ paws after each potty trip!

  11. We wash our dog’s bed when he’s had a bath. We do wipe his feet when he comes in when it’s wet out but I haven’t really thought about doing it each time. Now I’ll make sure to do it.

  12. Great information. It’s one of the reasons I am skeptical about getting a pet in the home I don’t like the odor it leaves and so if I can find a way to help with it that would make me more susceptible to getting a pet

  13. Thank you for all of these tips! We honestly do not have a pet yet because my sister can’t stand the smell of it. I will convince her with this.

  14. I never thought of cleaning out the air vents. I hate the pet smell that sometimes builds up in my house.

  15. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Our puppy has definitely brought some interesting smells into our home!

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