How Invisalign Works Magic to Straighten Teeth

I am thrilled to have the chance to bring you this post sponsored by Invisalign. When I was in high school I was told I needed braces. It was a week before Prom, and I was quite the vain little teenage diva-beast. After having my son (yeah, I was sixteen when I got pregnant) my teeth were a mess.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There is this strange genetic thing we have in our family where the females never lose their top left canine. My grandma passed away with this baby tooth still intact.

My die-hard little tooth just couldn’t withstand the stress of pregnancy and had to be pulled. The adult tooth was tightly lodged in my upper jaw and I was told it wouldn’t move without braces.

Invisalign clear braces pamphlets.

So, my options were to have braces pull the adult tooth down into place after adjusting all my other teeth to make room, or put in a bridge to fill in the gap.

As an impulsive teen wanting instant results, I went with the bridge. Fours years later, that nasty adult tooth started moving.

The root was growing up into my sinus cavity and it began pushing down on my bridge. Long story short:  after numerous operations and decisions based on instant results and vanity, I spent over $40,000 in my mouth to date. And, I am STILL, at age 29, having work done on that one spot.

The cost of Invisalign clear braces is comparable to traditional braces and insurance companies usually cover them in the same way they would braces!

2023 update: Jen is currently wearing Invisalign! Check out her must-have Invisalign accessories to help get used to them.

Invisalign Works Magic to Straighten Teeth

Because of my vanity, I wasted a shameful amount of money. I wish I knew about Invisalign back then. I would go back in a minute and go that route! And to my surprise, I would have been a candidate. The way it works is really pretty simple…

Using a custom made series of aligners, your teeth are able to adjust slowly to the re-aligning process. Your dentist or orthodontist plans the whole process to gently shift your teeth over time, usually over the course of one year.

These aligners are made of smooth, comfortable and practically invisible plastic. You are allowed to remove them while you eat, brush and floss. Most people won’t even be able to tell you are wearing them! I could have been an Invisalign Teen and made room for that stubborn canine tooth!

With Invisalign Teen, you get up to 6 free replacement liners! After speaking with a couple teen patients, they assured me the aligners are snug, yet comfortable–nothing compared to discomfort of bulky metal brackets.

Their speech was not affected at all and aside from having to accommodate brushing after lunch at school, Invisalign doesn’t invade your schedule or social life at all!

Straighten teeth with Invisalign.

Vanity VS Confidence

Braces compared to Invisalign.

I guess I’m not really that vain. As a teen mom, I had enough social adjusting to go through without the added stress of having a mouth full of metal. According to a ‘Behind the Smile’ study, an attractive smile goes a long way…

Invisalign infographic braces vs aligners.

I understand the importance of having confidence as a teen. As a mom, I will do anything in my power to make sure my children have all the confidence they deserve. That being said, I will be inquiring about Invisalign Teen at our next dentist appointment.

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  1. I had braces just a few years ago – the regular ol’ bracket kind. They were NOT fun and I hated how I looked.

  2. I am very interested in checking out Invisalign for my son. I wore braces for several years, and Invisilign seems like a much better option for him!

  3. I had braces and they were terrrrrrible. If my kids need dental work, I definitely hope Invisalign will work for them!

  4. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all that! I’ve actually been looking into Invisalign for myself. My teeth are a little crooked and it would be nice to have them straightened, just for aesthetic reasons. There’s no way I can imagine walking around with metal braces at 29, so I think I’d have to do Invisalign if I do it, LOL!

  5. I want to try Invisalign. I had braces many years ago, ok, decades ago, but my teeth have shifted a little over this time.

  6. I think it is important for teens to have confidence too. My kids have had (or now have) braces. I wish we had gotten them invisalign.

  7. I wish I had gotten braces when I was younger ….but now with Visalign I know that the whole proceudre would be so much easier and painless for me. I’d love to get Visalign!

  8. visalign is the way to go.. My granddaughter is using them now. so much better looking than traditional braces.

  9. That is quite a story! I can’t believe your family history about your baby tooth canine. I’ve never heard of that and I’m just amazed at what’s it’s cost you! I’ve heard great things about Invisalign and hope it will be a choice for my kids if they need braces.

  10. This is something I really wanted by parents to do for me now a mother of three boys this is something I will do for them if need ed .

  11. I so agree with you. I was lucky that I was born with straight teeth but my grandson wasn’t. He will need braces next year and I know that his mom with be checking in to these right away.

  12. I have been wanting to try invisalign forever, my teeth are not really crooked much, am just really able to see all of my flaws more than others.
    Using these look so much easier than dealing with braces.

  13. I’ve heard such good things about Invisalign. Not that I want either of my boys to need them, though, but it’s good to know this option is available if we need it.

  14. Some day I would like to try these when I can squeak it into the budget. I have heard such good things about Invisalign now including from your post as well.

  15. I wish Invisalign had existed when I was a kid, I definitely would have gotten it for my teeth. My dentist told me I didn’t need braces, because my teeth were for the most part, straight, and my bite aligned. What I did have was too much space between my lower teeth, and cramped upper teeth that caused one of my incisors to stick out. Invisalign would have definitely done the job, without the embarrassment of being a fat kid with braces, too!

  16. i have been wanting to get invisalign for some time now. I dont have teeth that bad where i need braces but i want my teeth to be more straight and this would be the best way

  17. These are wonderful and so much nicer than the metal braces my daughter had in high school!!

  18. I never had braces but I can imagine them being uncomfortable and awkward. This is such a better option that I’m glad will be around in case my girls need their teeth straightened.

  19. this is something that I feel is better than the braces and all the trauma it can cause some kids. it’s a cruel world out there

  20. Sorry to hear about all you’ve been through with your teeth. I too wish that I would have known of this product way back when, although it was most likely not available then. This would certainly be something I’d be interested in. I love the idea that nobody would know you’re wearing them.

  21. i wish this was around when i needed braces, not sure it would have worked w/ me b/c i had problems w/ my tongue pushing my front teeth out….however, i may could have used on my bottom teeth. would have saved me from many, many gum surgeries caused by the caps, which caused receding gums issues….

  22. If my son needs his teeth aligned when he is older I am going to look into Invisalign. I also told my sister about this for her kids. Thanks for the information.

  23. Invisalign worked perfectly for one of my daughters, she loved it and her teeth look great! One of my younger daughters is getting ready to have the Invisalign. I wish I had had this choice back in the 70’s …instead of a mouth full of metal plus the attractive headgear that came with it!

  24. I wore braces when I was 25 but I certainly wish they had something like Invisilign back then. It would have been so much nicer than all of that metal!

  25. You have my sympathy for all of your dental woes – I certainly (and sadly!) know just too well how it is to go through – and know your dentist’s phone number better than anyone else’s!

    BUT like so many of your other readers/fans – I can’t tell you how much I wish Invisalign was around when I was a youth needing braces – aside from all the ugliness and awkwardness, pain during and ongoing side effects / damage afterwards – the entire experience could have been so much less traumatic…

    But one thing that will always remain the same: having genuine/true confidence is PRICELESS!

  26. My kids wore braces and my daughter specially did not like the way they looked. I wish they had these then because she would have been much happier.

  27. Hello, thanks for this. My dentist however says my problems would not be fixed with braces, if they could be I would be getting these in a heartbeat. He suggests vaneers but at $16,000 price tag I won’t be getting that either.

  28. I have never worn braces, nor have any of my children. But I have always wondered about the safety of having metal braces in one’s mouth.

  29. These definitely are great looking! My mother had to get these, and you can’t tell they have them at all. I was always curious if the insurance covered these as well, it’s great to know if that ever happens to me!

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