Mothers Day Gifts That Don’t Suck – Free Printable

Mothers Day is fast approaching. You can get her the standard flowers and cards, OR you can get her something a little more unique. Don’t panic! Unique doesn’t have to mean super involved.

My definition of an epic Mothers Day gift is one that screams, “You are SO awesome, mom.” This post contains affiliate links to possibly help us spoil our moms a bit more this year.

Mothers Day Gifts That Don't Suck - Free Printable

Mothers Day Gifts Don’t Have to be Flowers and Cards

Although, you should probably include a card with any of these gifts. =D Cards and flowers are nice, but they’ve been done to death. I bet you can’t even count the number of cards and flowers you’ve given to your mom on Mothers Day over the years.

Here are some ideas to make Mothers Day extra special this year.

Make Rose Petal Bath Soak for Mom!


If you have kids, your mom will thoroughly enjoy hand made gifts made by the kiddos. If you have a particularly artistic child, a wonderful, colorful card filled with Mothers Day artwork is a nice treat for mom.

If the kids are younger, you can’t go wrong with finger art or the old stand by, hand prints on paper plates. You can add a cute heading and the date, and you’ve got an instant keepsake.

Try this alcohol ink tile craft!

Printable Mother's Day Cleaning Coupon

A Cleaning Coupon

If you have the time, why not make mom’s life a little easier with a cleaning coupon? You can put it in a nice Mothers Day card.

This coupon will entitle your mom to free cleaning services by you for as many days as you’re willing to commit. It’s a great way to let her relax and get a clean house at the same time, and if you made the coupon extra nice-looking, she’s got another keepsake!

Use this free printable.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the Mothers Day gifts that keep on giving. There are all kinds of cool subscription boxes out there, and many of them are geared directly towards moms. They’re pretty cool. Here are just a few that are available.

  • Love With Food: Indulge mom’s taste buds with delicious snacks each month. Scrumptious bags of snacks will be delivered monthly to surprise mom with new goodies to try. Love With Food subscriptions help fight childhood hunger.
  • Beauty Box 5: Moms like to be pretty, too. Beauty Box 5 is a great Mothers Day gift because every month your mom will get five beauty samples of everything from makeup to skin care to fragrances and tons more.
  • fabfitfun: FabFitFun is a quarterly box packed with the hottest trends. This subscription is a little pricier than some, but it’s well worth the money. The box is filled with products from practical to indulgent. Four boxes are sent out per year, and it’s like receiving joy in the mail.
  • Sock Panda: Fun, fun, fun! That’s the best way to describe this gift box. If your mom is a sock fiend like mine, this is the perfect Mothers Day gift for her. Sock Panda is exactly what you’d think: a sock subscription box, and it’s awesome. Every month, your mom will get an assortment of high quality socks ranging in styles from bright and bold to subdued to patterns or graphic prints. Save 10% with coupon code PANDA10.

Make Mothers Day Awesome

Mothers Day is THE day to let your mom know how appreciated she is, and an awesome Mothers Day gift is the perfect way to do it. This year, surprise her with more than just a card and some flowers. Flowers die anyway.

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  1. I think a subscription box would be a great present if you match the kind of box to your mother’s tastes.

  2. I like the Cleaning Coupon idea, and another one would be a couple nights off from cooking! Or a whole day to myself with no responsibliites-Mom’s need time alone to rejuvenate and getting to have a day off would be the best gift for me!

  3. I think a good gift is a spa gift card, a wine clue, or even just spending a day out with you mom doing something fun and adventurous.

  4. These are great gifts that don’t suck. My mother would like the NatureBox, she does love her snacks. Thank you for sharing these great gift ideas.

  5. Great coupon. I think that’s a great idea for Mother’s Day. I think I’ll send the link to my teenager. Stopping by from #Brag About It Linky.

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