Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients

A good nutrition bar is a must for me. I love the taste, convenience, and nutrients that protein bars provide. Today’s post is sponsored by ZonePerfect, but my love for their Perfectly Simple nutrition bars is an opinion all my own.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

A big goal for me right now is finding balance. For some reason, I just cannot get it together lately. A big part of that is getting my diet in order. Breakfast is my biggest issue. I rarely make the time to make a fully balanced breakfast. Reaching for a nutrition bar is my favorite option. However, not all protein bars are created equally. Some ingredients can do more harm than good. I was excited to see that Perfectly Simple by ZonePerfect use limited ingredients in their bars. When it comes to reading the ingredients on any label, less is more.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

I was able to find the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavor at my store. There are other flavors of Perfectly Simple that I cannot wait to try. Roasted Cashew and Dark Chocolate sounds amazing. I am going to hunt that one down for sure. It just dawned on me that chocolate is the main reason why I love protein bars so much — it’s a guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate. These bars tend to feel like eating a candy bar, but without that awful sugar crash afterward. Protein bars leave me feeling fuller longer and get me through those times where I’d really rather take a nap.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

I have my Perfectly Simple bars all over the place now. If I ever feel a bit hungry or shaky, I grab one. With 10 grams of protein, it’s an ideal snack for me. The bars are gluten-free, contain 0g trans fat, no added coloring, no preservatives, and low sodium. The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip is tasty, too. There’s no strange aftertaste that I have experienced with other nutrition bars either.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

On my quest for balance, I have been making time for yoga. Yoga is such a great way to help your body and mind. Don’t be fooled, it’s also a workout. I feel strong both mentally and physically after some yoga classes.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

Another important factor is fitting in some fun. Boating season is pretty much over, but I still have my beach bag packed. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a little more pool or beach time before fall hits.

Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

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Nutrition Bar with Less Ingredients #FeelGooder

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Be sure to check out all the flavors of the Perfectly Simply nutrition bars. Let me know which one you will try first.

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  1. Breakfast is my biggest issue too. I either don’t eat any @ all or grab whatever could pass for a breakfast food.These ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars sound like what I need to start the day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m going to have to try Zone Perfect – Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bars. I like that the bars are “gluten-free, contain 0g trans fat, no added coloring, no preservatives, and low sodium.” The name of the Nutrition Bar “Perfectly Simple” is rightly named.

  3. I like keeping nutrition bars in my purse for when I can’t get a snack while I’m out. They are really filling and healthy.

  4. I’m looking for snacks to take with me to school. I am there over dinner time once a week and need something to keep me focused and not hungry .

  5. I could use this when I am exercising! It would give me that punch that I need to get the energy to finish up my days. I really need to find these!

  6. Breakfast is so important and I agree that less is more when it comes to ingredients! The oatmeal chocolate chip sounds right up my alley! I need to see if they have these near me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lately I’ve been all about grab and go snacks, but don’t like eating chips and cookies all the time. Snack bars are perfect so I’ll have to try these.

  8. I hate to get a protein bar and it is filled with a bunch of crap. These bars look like something I would feel good about putting in my body.

  9. I started trying to jog a month ago and could barely job more than a few minutes… yet today I was able to jog for a full mile. I am super proud of myself… I will keep an eye for these. Thanks for the coupon

  10. I need to try this protein bar. I like that there are less ingredients and that it’s gluten-free. Better than eating junk food and will hopefully keep me full in between meals.

  11. Perfectly Simply nutrition bars look like a delicious snack. I will have to pick up some of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ones to try.

  12. I have been looking for a new nutrition bar to try. I like that Perfectly Simply nutrition bars do not have a bunch of ingredients in them. I would love to try these.

  13. This looks really good. i hate when I pick up a bar and it has more pronounceable ingredients than a sugar filled candy bar. I will have to try this one.

  14. This looks like an awesome bar! I love that there is not a huge list of ingredients! I will have to try them!

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