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When Pet Shedding Takes Over

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Pet shedding is a huge, ongoing issue in this home. Back when Mike and I wanted to get our first pet together, we unanimously agreed that a German Shepherd was the best choice. When we found out there were white German Shepherds we thought that was even cooler. It’s a known fact that shepherds make fantastic pets, and are among one of the smartest dog breeds, but boy do they shed. And I swear I think the white ones shed even more than the the other ones! Hilo is like a walking bread crumb trail. He leaves evidence wherever he goes. When we brush him outside, his fur makes excellent bird bedding, though.

Our Hilo Man White German Shepherd

Pet Shedding Craziness

When Pet Shedding Takes Over #NeatoBestPetVacuum

True confession time: I hate cleaning. This is not really a secret as I have mentioned it many times. I mean, I don’t like to have a gross house, but taking the time to clean just drives me nuts. It feels like such a futile task since it’s all undone so quickly. Especially with the dog fur. We could sweep and vacuum several times of day and still not get it all. Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if there was a device that would vacuum for you? I don’t know, like a robot?

Wait a minute…

That device does exist! The Neato Robot Vacuum is the real deal. I have been not-so-subtly hinting that it’s high up there on my Christmas list. While reading up on Neato Robotics, I was quite impressed with their innovative thinking. They made the vacuum square to fit in corners, it has Botvision to prevent it from bumping into everything, and it has an extra large bin. That’s only a few of the features that caught my eye.

Having three dogs now it’s even more of a challenge with the fur-fight. The other two don’t have such long and noticeable hair, but they do still shed. If I am ever going to have my dream of having several rescue animals, we need to get this under control with the help of a robot. Since the Neato Botvac has rave reviews and is being called “the best vacuum for pet owners”, I’m pretty sure that’s our winner.

If you have any pet owners on your nice list {ahem} this year, a Neato Robot Vacuum would be an epic gift. Epic. Stay tuned for another post in mid-November with details on how you can have a chance to win one!

Is pet shedding an issue in your home? What do you think the coolest feature of the Neato is?

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