No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

The Trakline Belt is a hot new fashion item for men. Ladies, we aren’t the only ones that yo-yo with our weight. Our men can fluctuate as well, which can require adding another loop to the belt. Have you ever tried to create your own belt loop in a leather belt? Well, for us the results have never been pretty.

The Trakline Belt eliminates the need for belt loops. Its sleek and innovative design includes a hidden track that easily slides to fit. We received product for review purposes, and Trakline is sponsoring this giveaway. All opinions are our own.

No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

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No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

9 Reasons the Trakline Belt is Awesome

  • No more belt holes
  • 40+ sizing positions in 1/4″ increments
  • Patented, ratchet style buckle
  • 8X’s more adjustable than traditional men’s belts
  • Discreet tab under the buckle allows for easy adjustments
  • Sleek, modern look for even the most fashion-forward men
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Works for dressy, casual, or work situations
  • Team USA called and requested Trakline Belts while at the Winter Games in Sochi
No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

Mike has been gaining and losing weight quite often lately. This has caused him to have major belt issues. I hear him struggling all the time about belts not fitting.

Once he tried on a Trakline Belt, he had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. It’s such a genius design and will make mornings go so much smoother for so many men out there.

No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

The belts are more than just useful, they look great. The buckles are sharp, and look like an accessory themselves. The belts are quality leather that seem like they will last for a long time.

My favorite part is the handy little release button. It’s so easy to just push that ever-so-discreetly to loosen it a tad. You know, like after a big dinner? I need a Trakline Belt for myself!

No More Belt Holes with Trakline Belt for Men

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  1. I really like the endeavor black belt & buckle. My teenage son would LOVE this belt and with his waistline still growing, this is a great idea!

  2. Im always having trouble with my belt buckles they keep popping open and i cant find a way to stop that from happening help please

  3. I am so insanely in love with how many options you have to get the perfect fit! I need one for the husband but I also need one for me! I Can never find belts that fit just right!!

  4. Save 15% OFF all our belts by using the promo code Kore15 during checkout. And thanks to Jennifer of SWEEP TIGHT for the awesome review of our Trakline Belts. It’s great to hear that her husband Mike loved the belt so much. Many of our customers own several of them.

  5. I like the Endeavor Buckle and Belt, and the system is great. So much nicer than fraying buckle holes.

  6. This system is such a great idea and thanks for introducing me to this great belt. When ever my husband needs a different hole in belt it is always a gong show and the hole is never pretty. I like the modern look to the buckles also.

  7. wow i love this what a great product , i love the track system and there’s no holes to break or make holes to fit proper … My hubby goes through so many belts its nuts , he would so enjoy this belt thanks for the awesome chance to win 🙂

  8. My husband would love these belts. He has a problem keeping his pants up. I guess it’s a fact that he has no ass. I’ve told him I was getting him some suspenders but he told me not to get them because he won’t wear them. So I think this would be a good option for him to be able to fine tune the size. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. My hubby is very picky about his belts…almost more difficult than shopping for shoes. I love how unique these are and almost guarnteed to fit! WOO HOO! Our issues may be over!

  10. they look like real sturdy belts,,i am fed up with ones that say leather and end up ripping in no time,,i really like the EPIC BUCKLE & BELT

  11. I really like that they are made of a very quality leather. That’s important! I’m forever undoing my belt so due to water retention. My husband loves his belts. He keeps losing weight so it would very useful to have one like these!

  12. Hubby would love these belts! His weight is always fluctuating so when he gets on the lower side of his weight, he doesn’t have enough holes in his belts to make it tight enough and wants a new belt!

  13. What a great invention! The Trakline Belt is stylish and smart. I love that they’re leather and the sleek buckles are modern and fresh. This would be a great addition to my Husbands wardrobe. Thanks for a great review and giveaway!

  14. I really like it when I am ordering from a new company that they have a send it back within 30 days for a full refund. one-year, limited warranty.

  15. So the belt holes really aren’t ‘gone’, they have just moved to the underside of the belt, but in track form. This idea is ingenious! And the belt basically customizes to each persons waist size. NICE! I need one or maybe three (hint, hint, hint)!
    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  16. I like that there are no more belt holes. They have a nice selection of contemporary style belts and are are premium Full-Grain Leather.

  17. I love that they offer free shipping in the US. I love the streamlined look of these belts – my husband would love them!

  18. I love these belts! I’m just wondering if they have any that work work for women! I’d love to have one for myself.

  19. Why aren’t all belts made like this — it’s genius. Not only does it ensure a better fit but the inside beltholes makes it look so much nicer!

  20. I love the whole concept behind these belts and know my husband would just love one! His weight fluctuates so much that belts are hard pressed to keep up. And they are so reasonably priced.

  21. I love this ………………no more worn out belts that crack after awhile or that either get to big or too small.

  22. I know my hubby would certainly appreciate the no holes trak system since sometimes he is between holes, one is too tight, the other too loose on one of his regular belts and this would help solve that problem.

  23. This is such a cool innovative design of how to latch a belt. I think my husband would absolutely love the design. They have really nice looking belts to choose from and look really well made.

  24. My boyfriend has a cheaper belt like the Trakline and it’s getting so old. He absolutely refuses to buy another because he likes how it works. I think this would be the perfect gift for him- they look much nicer than what he has and I’m sure will last much longer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. I like how these belts look so neat and clean. I also like how they dont have holes that make the belt look old and worn out. My husband really likes the looks of these.

  26. This is absolutely brilliant! I would love to own a mind that can conceive these type of solutions to common annoyances.

  27. I love that there’s a grey belt! I usually only ever see black and brown as an option for men.

  28. CONGRATS to the Sweep Tight Giveaway Winner ROBIN A. !! She won 3 Trakline Belts for men – the #1 customer rated belt.

    If you’re interested in getting a belt for your husband for FATHER’S DAY or BIRTHDAY — SAVE 15% OFF all our belts by using the promo code Kore15 during checkout. And thanks again to Jennifer at SWEEP TIGHT for the awesome review of our Trakline Belts. It’s great to hear that her husband Mike loved the belt so much. Many of our customers own several of them.

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