Other Ways to Use the VTech Video Baby Monitor

As many of you probably know I don’t have babies anymore. My kids are almost 13 and 10. However, all of my friends are now starting their families so I find myself babysitting quite frequently.

Young mom problems… Well, I’m excited to bring you this post about the VTech Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor. I received the product and compensation to facilitate my post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Time… wait, who has that anymore?

One thing in life is for sure. Time is freaking precious. As a really young mom (I was 16 when I got knocked up) I look back and wish I would have clung to so many more of the cute moments–capturing more videos and pictures.

Because I was young and stupid, I let stress and drama distract me from making more adorable memories.

Although, now that I’m older and watching my friends have their kids at the more “appropriate” age, I am seeing them make similar mistakes.

Life is pretty chaotic no matter the stage you’re in and it’s up to us to stop and look at what’s important.

VTech Video Baby Monitor

With the VTech Video Baby Monitor we can deal with life’s chaos and still not miss the important moments with our kids. I can now check my emails and glance over to see what my kids are up to up in their room… ummm… hold on a second, they’re strangling each other! brb…

Kids on a vtech monitor.

Okay so maybe not all the moments are cute but that’s what makes it all such a beautiful adventure. With this video monitor you can see how your little one comforts himself back to sleep after waking from a dream, or how he rambunctiously tries to escape his prison–I mean crib.

Each tiny human has such a distinct personality and that’s been my favorite part of watching my kids grow up. And you really see it when they think you’re not looking. So, the VTech Video Baby Monitor is not just for babies.

Other uses for your VTech Video Monitor.

Alternative Uses for your VTech Video Monitor

1. Internet Surveillance – I set this up so I can see what my tween is up to on the web.

2. Scavenger Hunt – the kids hid the camera in different locations and had to figure out where it was using the parent unit.

Adam looking at the Vtech monitor.

3. Hide and Seek – this was actually a blast with the talk-back feature!

4. Freeze Dance

5. Pet/Kid Safety – keep and eye on your fur babies too and train them from a far with the talk back feature!

The Technical Stuff

The VTech Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor:

  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom: 270 degrees side-to-side and 124 degrees up and down with 2x zoom
  • Full Color
  • Infrared LED (see baby at night)
  • Multiple View Options: view up to 4 cameras from one parent unit
  • Talk Back
  • 1,000 feet of range
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vibration sound alert in parent unit
  • Rechargeable battery

For all the specs, you can find visit the VTech Website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. I like it for the use foe your pets and the one for the kids for using it to play Hide and Seek with the talk back feature.

  2. I had no idea that I could use a baby video monitor for other things like monitoring your teenager on the web. I think that keeping my eye on the pets is a good idea to see what they are up to.

  3. I love the idea of hide and seek or for a scavenger game! So fun! But i would probably use it as home security or internet security. I love these ideas!

  4. I would totally use this to spy on my kids at bedtime. They give me a hard time about bed all the time and I would love to see what they actually do up there.

  5. Great monitor- I love your idea of internet spying! I still use mine to help monitor my toddler, who has apnea… and now need another for baby 2, BUT I plan on someday reusing them for home security!

  6. That is really a great idea to have it around for older kids for babysitting and just for home security. I never would have thought of that!

  7. These are really great ideas! I have the same video monitor for my 14 month old, so it’s good to know that I’ll have use for it for many years into the future.

  8. Ha, ha, ha! I love the idea of using it for a scavenger hunt. So smart, I tell you! You know, my little sister is due tomorrow, so I just might have to go get this for her. Thanks for the post

  9. This is such a great idea!!! I love the one about using it for a scavenger hunt. I bet the kids have a blast with that!

  10. Ya gotta love getting a lot more use out of an item normally used for babies only. You can get your money’s worth that way! I would like more explanation though on some of the activities such as freeze dance and hide and seek. How do you use the monitor for that? Oh and I LOVE the internet usage monitor idea!

  11. Your kids are adorable. I hope you got to them before they had time to kill each other! Those are some really interesting ideas on how to repurpose your baby monitor.

  12. I love the creative ideas for using the baby monitor after your ‘baby’ has grown. I’m afraid of what I’d see if I was watching in on my boys.

  13. Great ideas, I have older kids too and have great use of the monitor just to see what they’re up to. Never thought of using it to watch the net though – what a great idea!!

  14. This looks like such a cool product. I didn’t get a monitor for my son, but now that I realize that you can use this for other purposes after they no longer a baby, it makes me want to get one the next time around.

  15. This is a pretty cool way to use an expensive baby monitor after your kids have outgrown it. I always like repurposing things!

  16. Great ideas..Love it. I never think of baby monitors that way.. duhh think outside the box right? Love the many uses for the monitors once you no longer need them and they won’t collect dust .. Thanks for sharing, this will come in handy for so many I’m sure

  17. We have had one hidden in our boys room and they didn’t know it. So much bickering that we wanted to hear what was going on.

  18. That’s hilarious! These are really great tips. We have a Vtech that we no longer need for it’s normal purpose any longer. It’s been in a box downstairs…

  19. Great ideas for something most would just think they’ve outgrown! Love the idea of the scavengar hunt, that could be fun!

  20. These are great ways to use the monitors. Never would of thought of using it for a scavenger hunt.

  21. I would love to own one of these monitors to watch my young kids. Just because they are not babies doesn’t mean I don’t want to see what they are doing.

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