We’re Fostering Cats

brian cat
Stewie the cat

Pardon my attitude, but I know any animal lovers will understand…

Some scumbag abandoned these poor cats in a house she was renting from my grandpa. Not only was the house destroyed, but how could anyone just leave their beloved pets behind?! Here are just a couple pictures of the conditions we found them in:


Poor little guys had nowhere to go potty as their litter boxes were completely overflowing. The smell was indescribable. We were informed that there were three cats, but only found two. (The third was later found hiding in ceiling tiles and taken to a no-kill shelter.)

My sister, Jennifer, and I went in and were instantly greeted by the most lovable, cuddly cats which I named Stewie and Brian.

Brian, has been adopted by a friend of the family, also named Brian… His new name is now Jake. πŸ™‚  Brian and Jake are very happy and enjoy watching movies on the couch.

I had the intentions of keeping Stewie, but my daughter and I are becoming more allergic everyday. I’m terribly sad and disappointed. But, I know that this guy needs a home where he will be able to snuggle with his owner all the time as he is an extremely affectionate cat. In an attempt to reduce our allergy symptoms, we are not allowing him on the furniture or in our beds and he is crushed. He wants nothing more than to be a loyal lap-cat. He’s fantastic with the kids–I really can’t even believe how much he tolerates! I am so sad that we are not going to be able to keep him.

If anyone is interested in adopting this wonderful animal please contact me at shelley@amagicalmess.com

He is declawed on his front paws, neutered, up-to-date on all shots and approximately 6 years old.

Snuggling up for movie night:


He’s a big help in the office:

stewie the cat
Stewie the cat

Such a great friend:

Stewie the Cat

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to all the wonderful companies who helped supply toys and supplies for these great little cats!

Panic Mouse, for the Undercover Mouse Cat Toys

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. for the Litter-Robot

Doctors Foster and Smith, for the Fish Cat Tunnel

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  1. Aww Shelley that breaks my heart! My family just adopted a kitten that was found (with his siblings) in a box in a grocery store dumpster. Luckily these little guys were found by a kind soul who lovingly found places for all to live forever. Our little guys was the runt of the litter and is now, at 8 months old, a gorgeous long hair who out weighs all his siblings. I hope you find this little guy a great forever home!

    1. OMG! That is just awful and so sad! Good for you though! Best wishes! πŸ™‚

  2. BusyWorkingMama says:

    Aww, you all rock!!! We love cats and have two but haven’t fostered any since our two cats battle enough as it is – the older one still hates the younger one after 7+ years. Good for you for doing this!

  3. trooppetrie says:

    i just do not understand it. we have a cat that was found abandoned. our guinea pigs were found in there cage in the land fill, with craiglsit adn pet finder i do not understand how people can do this

  4. I recently starting fostering dogs, pit bulls actually. It is such a rewarding thing to help these beautiful, misunderstood animals find their forever homes. The dog I have right now, which I renamed Sadie, became my “Foster Failure” as they call it because I adopted her. She is such a sweetheart and adores my kids. I would trust her to watch an infant, she is that gentle.
    Yo did an awesome thing finding them cats homes. They appreciate it, I know. πŸ™‚

    1. Good for you! LOL–“Foster Failure”… Really, its more like ‘Foster-Win!” πŸ™‚

  5. You are so compassionate to take in these two cute little guys! My boyfriend and I got two kittens together and for about 3 months he was allergic and we almost had to find new homes for them but then one day his allergies just went away and now we have 3 cats and no sniffles in sight!

    I know it’s so hard to deal with allergies and especially with your daughter. I hope you can find a great forever home for the guy, or your allergies magically disappear too! I would offer to take him but 3 is pushing my luck with my honey haha!

    1. Sara- that would be fantastic! I’m totally hoping for something like that. That is why we are not just going to a shelter right away. If we don’t find him a home, at least we are giving it time to see if these allergies clear up. But I hate not letting him in bed and on the couch–it seems like he feels so left out. But we are waking up with our eyes bloodshot and nearly glued shut if he’s in our bed. He’d be better off in a place where cuddling isn’t so miserable! πŸ™‚

  6. Stevie is a beauty and I am sure he will find a forever home soon! He sounds like a great cat!

    I do cat rescue out of pocket. I have a colony of feral cats I feed/vet and I am always amazed when an apparent ‘house’ cat shows up (usually in the winter being drawn to fresh water and food and a warm garage access) Those housecats are the ones that break my heart as they dont understand what they did wrong.I always try and find those cats new homes because all they want is to be loved.

    My husband is also a carpenter and working in rental properties he has found abandoned cats , dogs and even fish.

    Right now I have 5 inside- all of them unadoptable for various reasons but the main one is ongoing medical or behavior problems so they are ‘my’ cats. In the spring or even during the winter it never fails a housecat shows up pregnant or has a litter and they spend time getting socialized and I find them new homes.

    I dont understand how people abandon pets, but under dire circumstances perhaps they hope someone else will have to make the decision to take them in rather than they themselves taking the time to find a new home and saying goodbye.

    So jealous of the litter robot- I keep spending money on cat food and vet bills but one day I am gonna get rid of this darn old scoop system!

    Good luck Stevie!!!

    1. Wow, Ellen! You are an angel! Thank you for all you do! I am working on posting a giveaway for the Litter-Robot! Make sure you enter to win! πŸ˜€

  7. Michele L. says:

    Animal lovers are the best kind of people! Good luck finding Stewie a new home – he’s adorable!

    1. Totally agree! πŸ™‚ And thank you!

  8. How can some people just leave an animal behind? What’s wrong with people. Douchbags!

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    It is wonderful that you were able to save the cats. Such a shame that they were left that way. I hope you can find a good home soon.

  10. Maryann D. says:

    Thank goodness for wonderful people like you to help these beautiful cats. I wish everyone only knew how loving cats are. It is hard for me to understand how people can abandon them. I had a fantastic cat for 11 years and he came to us after someone just left him behind. But we gave him a great home and he gave us tons of love.

  11. Mary Dailey says:

    I honestly think cats are drawn to me! They find me! I have 3 inside, all strays and 3 outside. One of them belonged to my neighbor 2 houses down and we were talking on the phone after he took up with me for about a year and she said I don’t know what happened to that tan cat we had and I said he’s over here! His name is Tanner and I was calling him Buddy. I have also neutered 3 cats in the neighborhood that weren’t even mine and one of those had a tail that had been about chewed off and it would not heal, so I had that bobbed too. Having said all this, how does someone put live little creatures in the trash? I don’t know why I am surprised though when some people put live babies in the trash! Those people who left the cats didn’t know when you would be coming over there and they could have starved to death! They should have been reported and prosecuted.

  12. kimbuckjr says:

    St. Francis is looking down from Heaven & smiling on all of you Fur-Baby caretakers! God Bless you all! I strongly believe in Karma 2-fold. What goes around, comes around, 2-fold! Those losers who abandoned those cuter-than-life kitties will truly suffer in the end, I believe that. That’s what keeps me sane…kinda!

    I would snatch up little Stewie if I could, but my hubby is allergic to kitty-cats, really bad! Unfortunately, we can’t have any animal that grows hair so birds are about the only thing that we can have for a pet, but he vetoed that idea years ago. Sometimes I wonder why I ever married him!?!?!

    Best of luck trying to find Mr. Stewie a new home!

    Oh and by the way…what is it with some renters? Why do they insist on trashing the homes of others? And those poor little kitties had to live in that filth, UGH!

    Hugs – kimbuckjr

    1. kimbuckjr says:

      Oh, I forgot to add that the Angelfish – Cat tunnel is truly adorable! My friend’s cats would LOVE something like that. I’m gonna have to consider getting that for her. Her little fur-babies would love that little tunnel. So darn cute!

  13. Cynthia Downer says:

    I cant believe some people. The house we live in now is owned by a distant relative.. The people who were renting it before us left a puppy in the back yard. We decided to keep her.

  14. sandy weinstein says:

    people abandon horses, leave then on the side of the road, which is why it is so tragic that obama lifted the ban on horse slaughter in the us, soon you will find horse meat in your grocery store…..write to your congressman, there are 3 petitions on the white house site. do email blasts, twitter blasts, just read today where 30 dogs died b/c lady let them stay in puppy mill with faulty wiring, also read where out west, 2 dogs wre found skinned….people are sick and need to go to prison…if they do things like this to animals just think what they will do to humans…and pets are humans…..i am trying to find homes for 2 very expensive cats for a friend of mine. i dont want to go to shelter or rescue unless i have to….trying to find friends or friends of friends….i have 3 little girls (4 legged) and do not like cats in the house….these are strictly house cats….ragamuffins…

  15. Good for you for taking these sweet kitties in. My husband calls me “Ellie Mae” because I want to help every furry critter that needs a home! Now I have heard that black cats have the most dander causing the most allergies. I have a black one, but no allergies thank goodness. Just an FYI. What a great kitty! I wish you could keep him too. Have a great weekend.

  16. Barbara Montag says:

    Oh they are so sweet – I’m a cat lover too!
    I don’t understand either how people can abandon/mistreat their pets.

  17. Carrie Phelps says:

    It makes me so angry that people toss away pet family members as though they are disposable! As an animal/cat lover I thank you for taking them in & finding them homes. I live in New Hampshire where our Winters are very cold so I feed the local feral/outdoor cats. I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I provide fresh water (when it’s not frozen) & fresh dry food daily. I also built a small shelter should one of them want to use it. This started as my Winter project & I now feed them year round. Their should be some way to prevent people who do these things from ever owning a pet again!!

  18. katie mitchell says:

    I already have 5 cats and 2 dogs already, but Stewie definately sounds like a winner and reminds me of our Snugbug, I don’t have a clue why anyone would do such a hateful thing to their pets, if they are fixed and declawed someone must have once cared about them especially with them being loveable cats too, glad that Brian(Jake) found a home and I hope Stewie finds a good home too.

  19. You are so awesome for taking on the job of fostering when you and your daughter are allergic. It is proof that even those who can’t be full time pet owners can still have enough of a heart to do the right thing.

  20. cheryl mulder says:

    I started a cat rescue,I thought I may aswell I feed up to 15 cats per year plus shelter, love and Vet them,I have 5 right now and one is in the family way. The 5 have been physicaly ,emotionaly abused,I give them all the loving contact I can each day.When I read about people just walking away from these presious litte fur people I think of doing the same to them.Thank you for caring.

  21. Michelle jadaa says:

    Im glad your saw it through and took care of them,we have 3 cats and a dog …all rescues.They fill my house with love and im grateful to have them around.I dont understand humans ,we are the most arrogant species thinking we are better than other living beings,i just dont understand that.

  22. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says:

    How horrible! I seriously don’t understand people who just up and leave their pets like that-I probably never will either and I’m thankful for that because it means I would be just as bad as that person.

    I would LOVE those beautiful cats, but like you, I’m allergic >.<

    I really hope they find a good loving home, though!

  23. Stewie is so cute! I want him to stay with you, LOL – how about Claritin D with Flonase? (that is what I use for my allergies, works great)
    I am sure he will find a great home soon, he is lucky to have you now.

    So glad Brian has a new home too!

    adorable kitties

  24. I am so glad they found YOU to take care of them. ((HUGS)) for saving them.


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