XFINITY Voice Remote is Pretty Darn Smart

The highly anticipated XFINITY Voice Remote is here, and it’s as awesome as promised. Searching by title is only one of the amazing things that you can do with this new voice remote for the X1 System.

Post and giveaway sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

XFINITY Voice Remote.

So, a few weeks ago Mike and I were scrolling through the many areas of the X1 XFINITY system. A movie that we both wanted to see caught our eye.

Neither of us had the time to devote our full attention to a good movie at that point, so we just mentally made a date for another time. Well, Saturday night rolls around, and it’s an excellent time to settle in for a movie.

Where the heck was it? We searched and searched and couldn’t find it. We didn’t realize until later that Mike had misspelled the title in the search box. In any case, we just gave up and chose another movie.

Searching for Anna Kendrick movies using the Xfinity voice remote.

Whoa, I didn’t know Anna Kendrick was in so many movies!

Fast forward to the present where we now have our very own XFINITY Voice Remote. No spelling skills needed. You just speak what you are looking for, and the remote finds it.

Anyone in the family can use it. It’s not programmed to one voice. You can search by movie title, by actor/actress, by channel, and even by movie quote. That’s right, say “I’ll be back” and “The Terminator” pops up.

XFINITY Voice Remote – So Many Possibilities

Talking to your remote can help you discover so much more about your system. I think most of us are guilty of sticking to our favorite channels and tend to miss out on what else is available.

For example, we wanted to search for the Chicago Blackhawks Celebration Parade, so we said “Chicago Blackhawks” into the remote. Several fall shows and highlights were being aired that Mike would enjoy watching. We added them to the DVR so he can check them out as time allows.

The new XFINITY Voice Remote functions as a normal remote, as well. Actually, it’s better. It has a backlit keyboard and aim control for easier use in the dark. To us, it seems more responsive, too.

XFINITY Voice Remote in the box.

No special commands are needed to work the XFINITY Voice Remote, but there are some cool hidden features. In addition to saying popular movie quotes, as I said above, you can also do other fun things.

For example, if you say “Taylor Swift 22,” Taylor Swift will respond. If your child, or, let’s get real – yourself, sings “Let it Go” into the remote, the movie “Frozen” will appear. This remote is kind of creepy smart!

New XFINITY X1 customers will receive a voice remote during their installation. Existing customers can either pick one up at your local XFINITY store or order online here. Requesting one shipped is free, except for shipping and handling.

Disclosure: XFINITY partnered with bloggers such as me for their Fast Life program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. XFINITY believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. XFINITY’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines, and social media engagement recommendations.

What’s the coolest feature of the XFINITY Voice Remote?

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    1. The entire remote is wonderful! I love the voice command, and wow the search and X1 functions are so cool!

  1. I think the coolest feature of the voice remote is you can find an actor, director, music artist or personality.

  2. I like that you can search by actor, name of show, recommendations, etc. I can search by name of actor which would be great for me because I’m partial to certain actors than genres.

  3. I think the coolest feature is how you can just say what you’re looking for and it will find it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. I think the Get recommendations, and find out what’s popular now feature is the coolest!
    thank you

  5. I definitely think the coolest feature is how you can FIND a movie or actor/actress you like just by saying “Find SO-AND-SO”! So very neat 🙂

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  6. I think this is such a cool remote. My boys have video game players that they are able to talk to and now we can have remote! I just love this idea!

  7. I like that you can ask for suggestions and it will give you recommendations. The voice command feature all around is neat!

  8. I love the voice command and you can just say about anything and it will go to what you asked pretty neat feature

  9. I love the voice command feature – so cool that you can do things with it such as control the DVR.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  10. I like that you can just say the name of an actor and it will locate what shows are on that they are in.

  11. I like that you can Control DVR functionality and record a show just by saying the show names.

  12. To change the channel based upon station name, WATCH DISCOVERY CHANNEL, would be great instead of me always having to ask my husband, what channel is discovery!! LOVE IT. We already have xfinity cable so this will be something I am looking into.

  13. I am loving the fact that you can speak movie quotes into the remote and it pulls up the movie for you. That’s just impressive!

  14. I think the voice command feature is the coolest! I like that it’s not programmed to one voice and even my kids would be able to use it.

  15. I like the fact that the voice command works without having to fool with all those buttons.

  16. I like that you can search for a favorite show just by saying it, without having to scroll through titles (like I do now!)

  17. I like the fact that you can search in so many different ways ( actor, keyword, title, sport, event, etc.)

  18. The coolest thing is that I can search by movie quote. The quotes are what I always remember more than the titles.

  19. I love everything about this remote! But the coolest feature to me is that it isn’t sensitive to any one voice. My kiddo’s can use it the same as my husband and myself!

  20. To change the channel without worrying about knocking my drink over reaching for the remote would be life changing. haha. I love the voice control.

  21. I like that it kind of decides for you based on what YOU like what you should watch.

    it’s almost like it has it’s own brain! lol

  22. Oh I really love that you can Find an actor, director, music artist or personality! That is so neat!

  23. This is the craziest product I have ever heard of. It comes close to the cablebox watching eye article I read about about a year ago, very creepy. Most assuredly, I’ll be trying this product, Thanks for the review.

  24. I love the ease of the Voice Command feature. You simply speak! There’s no more tedious typing involved!

  25. My goodness, I had no idea a Voice Command Remote had even been invented. The whole Voice Command Remote itself is the coolest thing. If I had to pick one of the features I really like – I think its great that you can not only look for specific shows or movies with the remote, but that you can look for a specific actor, musician, personality or director.

  26. I like the Voice feature because we always know what movie we are looking for but sometimes we couldnt find it because we were not spelling it the correct way. I could just say what Im looking for!! Thats awesome!!

  27. I think that the coolest features of the voice remote are that I can get recommendations and find movies based on quotes or actors in them.

  28. I think the voice feature would be great for searching! It’s so time consuming to type in all those letters individually!

  29. My favorite feature is the Voice commands that can also be used to search for TV shows and movies!

  30. Obviously the voice control is awesome! Searching by movie quote is also amazing! I know I look things up on google this way!

  31. The voice command searching for an actor. Means I won’t miss when Channing Tatum is on someplace!! lol

  32. I love the feature that you just speak what you are looking for, and the remote finds it. I have limited use of my hands and that would be the perfect solution for me.

  33. I currently have X1 and the voice remote as well 🙂 I like that you can search anything by voice. I just started watching a new (to me) show, Finding Carter, and I spoke that to the remote and it showed me what Xfinity had available to watch on-demand.

  34. I like that you can search for the tv show. I know what shows i like to watch but i almost always forget what channel they are on or what time or day they are on. That would make it so much easier!

  35. Um,voice commands is really awesome but also the recommendations might really be useful too!

  36. The voice feature is amazing all though the kids may use it agaisnt while I am trying to watch my soaps! lol!!

  37. I love that you can pause a show using your voice, this would come in handy when you are watching in a dark room and cannot see the remote.

  38. I like that you can use voice command to search for shows. I hate having to manually type in shows on my direct tv!

  39. I think the ability to control DVR functionality is the coolest feature of the voice control remote.

  40. because the fact that just talking to it isn’t enough! lol I love how specific you can get1

  41. I like that you can ask it what is on at a certain time. Also like that you can tell it an actors name and it finds a show with it.

  42. Voice control sounds awesome especially for handicap people with hand problems who have a hard time with a remote like my hubby.

  43. I like the ability to open different apps, as well as being able to easily navigate voice commands around different subjects- such as sports…

  44. I think the voice command is one of the coolest features! Technology just keeps getting better and better!

  45. It would be wonderful to use the voice command to search for the name of the show I want to watch and by the channel name when I don’t know the channel number.

  46. Using voice command means not having to put your glasses on to read what you’re trying to find! lol.. Brilliant idea!

  47. I think the voice command is neat, dont have to put on my glasses every time i want to change the channel

  48. I really like that you can tell it what channel you want so much easier if you can’t remember the number of the channel. 🙂

  49. That I can literally say “find taylor swift” and it will find her on tv. That’s amazing!! Or I can find a nice tom cruise movie that way.

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