Monthly Subscription for Easy Science Experiments for Kids

One of my favorite memories from science class was when my teacher used liquid nitrogen to quick freeze a Snickers bar. He then shattered it with a hammer and let us eat the pieces.

It’s demonstrations like that that make science fun and exciting. Sadly, many classrooms are limited now with food allergies and other liabilities.

I’m thrilled to introduce the MEL Science monthly subscription box that gives you easy science experiments for kids three times a month. I received free product in order to facilitate this post and this post contains affiliate links, however, the thoughts and opinions shared here are based on my experience.

MEL Chemistry starter kit.

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Easy doesn’t necessarily mean simple. These tests can be complex but the instructions are easy to follow and understand. Plus, if these weren’t this involved they wouldn’t be as fun or educational.

These experiments are best for kids ages 12 and up and require adult supervision. However, my 11 year old daughter LOVES science and found these kits fascinating.

MEL Science kit.

The Starter Kit

You’ll get the basic materials you need in the starter kit and then you’ll get 3 experiments a month with all the ingredients you need–occasionally you’ll need to grab some ordinary household items, but each experiment lets you know exactly what you’ll need.

Screenshot of what the starter kit includes.

The kids and I decided to do the Tin experiment first. Basically because the cover “looks cool”. My personal favorite about all of this is not only are the kids excited about science, but I’m getting to record it all like a pro with my smartphone!

Being able to make videos and share them on social media is only making doing science experiments contagious. Already the kids’ friends are asking about coming over for the next experiment!

MEL Chemistry box.

The Tin Experiment

As I said, we picked this one to do first solely because of the cover. I mean, they all look awesome, but this is just super neat.

MEL Science tin experiment box.

The box containing the experiment looks like this:

MEL Chemistry tin experiment contents of the box.

I love that while this information is easy to understand, none of it is ‘dumbed down.’ Seeing these equations is great for kids because they won’t look so scary when they take chemistry in high school or college.

Adam and Chesney in safety googles ready for their science experiment.

Check out our tin dendrite:

Our tin dendrite!

And our tin hedgehog:

Our tin hedgehog!
Check out our tin hedgehog!

We did all of this in under 30 minutes! This subscription is perfect for homeschoolers and families looking to find or spark a passion for chemistry.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Subscribe for three easy science experiments for kids a month here!

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  1. We do not homeschool but are a family of science lovers, so these kits would be awesome! They would really allow us to have some educational fun as a family.

  2. This sounds like a great subscription box series for older kids. I homeschool and teach chemistry at a local homeschool co-op, so i love the idea of getting kids excited about science. I’ve never seen the tin hedgehog experiment before, but it looks way more fun than the copper nail experiment I usually use to demonstrate a single replacement reaction, so I am going to look into using it!

    1. Oh, how cool! Yeah, it was a really fun experiment! 🙂 And, being able to photograph it with that little macro lens attachment on my phone was super fun for the kids too.

  3. We do not homeschool, but my family loves science and I am sure my grandsons would love a subscription like this one in the future.

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