Comfortable Pet Travel with Sleepypod Air Review

Sleepypod Air is an airline approved pet carrier that allows your pet to travel in the ultimate comfort. Sleepypod Air is adjustable in order to meet the rules of pet carry-on for all major airlines. Product was received for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links.

Sleepypod Air for Comfortable Pet Travel

Most of us have probably gotten on a plane with our fingers crossed that our carry-on baggage is an “okay” size. I know I have. Well, no one wants to play that guessing game when it comes to their pet.

Sleepypod Air is specifically designed for air travel. They have done their homework and developed a patented design that compresses and expands to make everyone happy.

Your pet will have the most room possible whenever space allows. If the space under the seat is a little smaller the Air will compress to fit. It’s truly a genius design!

Inside of the Sleepypod Air you will find a luxurious plush covering over a comfy foam bed. The cover is machine washable and everything else can be easily washed with a damp wash cloth.

Although this carrier is perfect for planes, it’s also great for trips anywhere. It has straps that can be secured by a car seat belt for driving trips. It’s also extremely modern and stylish to just walk around with!

I have never traveled with a pet by air and have no immediate plans to do so, but I was happy to receive a Sleepypod Air for The Grump.

Since he’s like my baby (seriously, it’s like he crawled out of my womb), I do not want to leave him… ever.

If by chance we do fly somewhere and he’s able to come, in his carrier he will go!

The Grump exploring his Sleepypod Air carrier.

He was moving so fast it was hard to get good pictures!

For now, The Grump just likes to hang out in it. As soon as it arrived he was interested in it. Right away he was sniffing it out and very curious.

We just left it out for him to explore and get used to. After about ten minutes I was able to zip him up in it without any panic.

He was perfectly comfortable and content to be in it. At this point he felt that it was his idea to be in there, so that worked out well!

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02/28/2023 04:58 pm GMT

I will also be using the Sleepypod Air quite often for car rides. If Mike and I both are in the car, Grump is fine on someone’s lap. But, if I am alone with him he can be kind of a spaz.

To avoid being a distracted (and dangerous) driver, he would be better off in the back seat contained in the Sleepypod.

Not too mention for his own safety… check out this video of unrestrained crash-test doggies! πŸ™

Sleepypod offers many products for our beloved pets. Make sure you explore the site, like Sleepypod on Facebook, and follow @sleepypod.

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  1. I want to win because this would make air (and car) travel SO much easier! It’s just one less thing to have to stress about.

  2. I would love to win this because we recently took a trip and had to leave Dumpling with my parents because we did not have an airline approved carrier to bring him with us!

  3. I have an adorable chihuahua who travels with us quite a bit. I love how they tested this product and how it past the 30 mph crash test- just like they do for child care seats! I would love this product because it is safe and I know we would use it!

  4. wow finally a pet product thats had heaps of tests done, love the safety it provides to our pets

  5. I have a small dog and reside on the island of Oahu. I am planning on moving to the Big Island and we are looking for a home there. I want to take my dog with us when flying over there to find a place and this looks wonderful for her to fly in and go under my seat. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I am really hoping to win this. ( My dog too!)

  6. Because it is so much safer than the cheap plastic carriers from Walmart”s! I have a little Yorkie that needs to be confined when travelling and this would be great, plus when home she loves her little beds scattered around the house.

  7. This would be so worth it if we move to Alaska! We are so worried about the two cats. I am not sure how to travel that long with them.

  8. I would like to win because our current cat carrier is so bulky and uncomfortable seeming. My cat would love this.

  9. I’d like to win because not only would my cats love this, I’m also considering a long distance adoption.

  10. I have 8 cats and it would be nice to have a soft carrier for when I need to take them to the vet or groomer.

  11. I have two cats and one carrier so we have to take them at separate times, so this would be great to win

  12. Great items! I would love to win because I am short one cat carrier. I have two for my two old boy kitties but I rescued a kitten from under my porch this past Winter. She managed to make my two other cats sick, requiring a trip to the vet for each. I was only able to take two at a time because I was short one carrier. This would ensure all three could make the trip at once.

  13. I would love to win this for my cats so that maybe I’d feel less guilty when he’s so upset in his carrier.

  14. I have a rescued poodle mix that is my little baby and she would love to travel in comfort.

  15. I travel with my pet alot and am very impressed with the safety aspects of this product. After seeing their website and the crash test results using traditional carriers, i would very much love to win this!

  16. I would love this for the little chihuahua we nanny every other week. It would be easier to take her to and from her house

  17. We want to take our old Jack Russell terrier on vacation with us. He cannot stay in a kennel, the immunizations make him ill. So flying is his next adventure!

  18. I have 2 cats that are indoor only. When we go to the vet I have a broken plastic carrier that I am so afraid they are going to get out of and run!
    Would love to win this.

  19. My cat is not a fan of going outside the house, if we ever needed to take him to the vet or on vacation this would be the perfect way to do it!

  20. These are truly inventive products and with 7 cats I need several good ones. NJ has a pet restraint law for car travel so I need this to transport them safely and legally.

  21. This looks like the most comfortable carrier for both pets and humans, so I want to win! My cat has to be in a carrier any time he leaves the house, it looks like this would seatbelt in a lot easier than our current carrier, and be easier to carry for us humans too!

  22. My kitty hates to travel & the old plastic carriers are so hard to put a seat belt around. He sometimes ends up in the floor.

  23. I want to win because I like that Sleepypod is safe- Each of Sleepypod’s pet carriers passed the 30 m.p.h. frontal crash-test

  24. i’d love to win because I take my pup with me to work and she would love a safe place to crash. Woof

  25. This is the perfect carrier for traveling with my Chihuahuas. I love that it has been safety tested!

  26. I would feel very comfortable with my little Millie in a Sweepypod. It would take away a lot of worries.

  27. I want the sleepy pod because its safe, convenient, comfortable, and I can bring my cats with me when I visit my parents. One of my kittens is a bit claustrophobic in small carriers and this gives him room to relax and not feel so cornered. I only want the best for my kittens and this, from what I can see, is it!

  28. I want to win because we travel quite a bit (to see the grandparents), and we have two new chihuahuas. You know how nervous they get just in everyday life! Travel is not their favorite, and I think this would really help.

    Thank you!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  29. I would love to win because it would also come in handy for things like a trip to the vet or the pet store or the park to play. It would get tons of use!

  30. I would love to win this because our dog goes camping with us on the weekends and this would make his trip more enjoyable.

  31. this would be great for my babies, who hate to go out of the house and into the car (they get so scared!)

  32. i would love to win because my dog would be in a lot of comfort with this when we travel. great giveaway

  33. I would love to win because my calico, Callie, absolutely hates her crate when she has to travel and has never had a soft bag like this one before so I think she would like this one better. Plus, it’s great for the airlines, in the car, and it can even fit onto your luggage for easy transport in the airport!

  34. I want to win because my cat hates traveling but this might allow her more comfort and she might not be so scared

  35. I want to win because the Sleepypod looks much easier to carry around than the hard plastic carrier we have, and it looks super comfy for the kitty too. I also like that it’s versatile and can be used as a bed, for car travel, or air travel.

  36. I’d love to win this because it’s a much better idea than your standard plastic crates. I think my cat would be more at ease with something like this too.

  37. We sometimes have to travel with out cats. These carriers are much nicer and comfortable for our cans than our current hard plastic carrierl

  38. Well we have 5 cats and they all love to find places to hide in. This would be perfect for them because they could feel safe and secure and comfortable.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  39. I would like to bring Maximillian on trips with us (he is too hyper to not be in a crate). Thank you

  40. I want to win because I have an out of pocket cat rescue and need all the help I can get when transporting them to the vet or anywhere else!

  41. I love the SleepyPod carriers! I do travel to GA & IL frequently to visit family & would love to have the option of bringing my baby with me in style & comfort!

  42. I want to win because I have a small pomeranian who travels with me quite frequently and it would make me feel better if I knew he was comfortable

  43. I want to win because we travel alot and this is a safe and comfy way for our “baby” to go with us!

  44. I love this because it would make me feel safer to know our furry friend is more safe and secure in the car, while still being comfortable.

  45. I would love to win because it looks plush and comfy but the main Sleepypod Air feature that won me over are the straps that allow pet owners to safely seat belt their fur babies inside their vehicles. Insuring the safety of my pet is really important to me since I do most of my traveling by car.

  46. I also do not anticipate flying but we do travel y car and would use this for our kitty when we trevel. And yes kitty loves to travel. Go figure.

  47. I want to take my dog on a plane ride cross-country this year. I haven’t bought a carrier yet, but the size restrictions are a puzzle for me. I think being told the pet can’t fly in the cabin, is pretty much any pet owner’s nightmare while traveling. There’s no way I would ever let my baby fly cargo. I like that they also sell a disposable pad for long trips, to go in the carrier.

  48. id love to win this for our dog chico when he travels he gets nervous and this would be great

  49. My cat would love this instead of our other carrier looks a lot more comfortable love to win this

  50. We’re getting ready to move overseas and have a little one who we will be carrying on board with us. We have heard about the Sleepypod from acquaintances, but it is out of our price range, so winning one would allow for our princess to travel in comfort! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  51. I am about to move with my kids to where my husband is at, and we are flying there. I need to get a airline approved carrier so that I may take my jack russell SISSY with us on the plane. These are amazing and just what im looking for. Thank you for the chance

  52. my bentlee would love to win this because he never lets nana go anywhere with out him..and to go in style would be his dream !

  53. I would love to win this for when I’m traveling and it looks like it would be comfy enough for my kitty

    Moniquebbon at yahoo dot com

  54. I want to win because I have a small dog that travels with me a lot, so this would be very helpful.

  55. i would love 2 win this because my hubby is in the military and we have 2 little dogs that go everywhere we go! so this would be perfect!!

  56. I have flown with my cat in the cabin. Its not easy. I think this carrier would make things easier.

  57. want to win this because it is far improved over what we currently have to transport our kittes to the vet

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  58. This would be great for my new little one because ” It’s your pet’s personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs”.

  59. I would like to win because it would make travelling with my pets easier. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. I volunteer with a local animal rescue. I would love to have this for transporting our critters!

  61. I would love to have this for our rescue transports. I foster for Northcentral Maltese Rescue.

  62. I would like to win because, like you, I have a small dog who is dangerous to drive with if no one else is in the car. And the cats HAVE to be in a carrier, and right now I only have one.

  63. I’d like to win because my kitties would like this so much better than the hard plastic carriers we currently use.

  64. I would love the Blossom Pink Sleepypod in honor of my Mom and sister who are both survivors!!!

  65. My long hair chihuahua, Sadie, would love for me to win this bag so that she can travel comfortably on the airplane. She especially likes that it has both a retractable opening so she can stick her head out to keep an eye on things, and has space for a heating pad on those cold flights. Also, her nickname is “Sleepy Foof” because she’s so fuzzy, and a Sleepypod for a Sleepy Foof seems just perfect!

  66. This would be great for my trip in a few months with my baby Koli. I think this would really help him be more comfortable and safe!

  67. I want to win this for my friend who’s about to move off island and looking for a carry-on for her cat.

  68. I would love to win because my cat Max is afraid of his normal carrier as he had major surgery and his carrier reminds him of that time in his life.

  69. I want this because my cat hates to travel but it’s a necessity and this will likely make it easier!

  70. I travel with my chihuahua a lot and she becomes nervous. This would help her feel safer,

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