Pets are My Link to Sanity

Rescuing pets has been the best decision I have ever made. They bring such joy and more importantly, sanity back into my life. No matter what is going on, in the midst of utter chaos, my cat can make me laugh and put everything back into perspective. I’ve partnered with Big Al’s Pets to bring you this post and let you know about a great giveaway to enter for you and your pets!

joy of pets

Pets – Best Medicine

According to WebMD, pets are natural mood enhancers. Anyone that has a pet or pets knows how in-tune these animals can be with your feelings. Whether you’re sad, happy, playful, sick or angry they know and act accordingly. When I’m sad, my cat is extra cuddly. When I’m happy, he’s perfectly content. If I am sick, he won’t leave my side. And, my goodness, when it’s play time let the good times roll–he is hilarious!

Sometimes he gets lost in the shuffle and that’s when he shines. Surrounded in all sorts of mayhem… Picture this all happening simultaneously: kids running in and out, groceries piled up by the door to be put away, living room Taekwondo practice, homework battles, kitchen disasters, phone buzzing and my mom coming over to ‘chat,’ and me in the center of all that ready to crack.

Enter Stewie.

With his dead serious look of panther-like ferociousness, he hunts the mysterious grocery bag from behind the couch. Ready to pounce, he twitches with anticipation. His moment comes, he bounds like a gazelle to jump into the bag but suddenly the bag is gone!

Splat! He lands at my feet and looks up at me with the I meant to do that expression. Snootily traipsing away I break out into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Laughter really is the best medicine for everything and pets are the best source.

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