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Hilariously Unforgettable Party Games for Teens and Tweens

For my daughter’s twelfth birthday, she just wanted a sleepover party with her friends. I found myself really struggling to come up with party games for teens and tweens that would entertain them and not be considered lame. I owe a huge thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Joe Santagato for these ideas.

Funniest party games for teens and tweens

Party Games for Teens and Tweens

This is a tough age to buy for and even tougher to plan a party for… at least until I put myself into the head of a 12 year old girl. What does my daughter do with her time? She watches funny videos on YouTube. So, I recalled all the funny ones she’s showed me and even found a few myself to help inspire some activities to have at her sleepover party.

Best birthday party games for teens - Stranger Strings

Stranger Strings

If you loved Stranger Things, you’ll love the game Jimmy Fallon plays Stranger Strings with the cast from the series. (He also plays with his guests, Little Big Town!)  It’s hilarious and simple. It’s an enormous mess too, so be sure to plan ahead accordingly.

You’ll need:

  • Krazy String (I got a case of 12 for 6 players and it was just enough for 18 rounds)
  • Safety glasses
  • Notecards
  • Tablecloth(s) – cover EVERYTHING
  • Camera




  • As your guests arrive, privately ask them to tell you 3-5 funny things no one really knows about them. Do they have a quirky habit? A weird scar? A hidden talent?
  • Write each funny fact on a separate notecard and don’t let anyone see! I wrote them all myself so no one would be able to decipher handwriting.

LOL the looks on all their faces!

  • Cover literally everything in the general area and beyond. Even if you choose to play outside, just make sure to clean up the mess because Krazy String isn’t good for animals. The best place to play would probably be an empty garage… still cover everything! Once the Silly Strings dries it’s easy to sweep/vacuum up, but I missed a couple spots and where the Krazy String hit the painted walls, it left an oily stain. It washes off easily with dish soap, but if it were everywhere, that would be a nightmare.
  • Make sure everyone has a set of safety glasses and at least 2 cans of Krazy String.
  • Decide who goes first (we chose the birthday girl,) and have her/him chose one card from the pile. Start by saying “Someone said…” and then read what’s on the card. Everyone has to figure out and guess who said it and on the count of 3 shoot Krazy String at who they deem the culprit. After everyone sprays someone, the truth comes out and whoever said it confesses.
  • Make sure to capture it all on camera! This is a lasting memory you’ll laugh at for years to come!

A birthday party we'll never forget!


We had 6 players each write down 3 funny facts. And 2 cans each of THIS Krazy String was the best. I read dozens of reviews and am so glad I went with this brand! Each can sprayed perfectly and had just enough to last the duration of the game. It also dries well and cleans up easily.

How to cleanup after you play Stranger Strings

Cleanup tips: Can’t say it enough–cover everything. I just used old sheets and blankets. But for everything else, like hair, clothes and bodies, give the Silly String some time to dry and then it brushes right off. Otherwise, sweep and vacuum the floors and furniture. Our sheets washed just fine in the washing machine.

Speak Out Game - Funniest birthday party games for teens and tweens

Speak Out

We first saw this game on Joe Santagato’s YouTube channel. WARNING: His channel is not the most kid appropriate. I am not winning any parenting awards here. We watch his videos together–seriously look forward to every Tuesday because he’s a riot–but his content can be very “adult.”



Anywho, this Speak Out game is absolutely hysterical. The girls played for a while reading off the cards that come in the box but then took to just singing and laughing at themselves. Huge moment of pride when I came around the corner and heard them singing a song from my all time favorite movie, The Labyrinth. David Bowie would have been honored. 🙂

Other Activities

They played Minecraft, Mad Libs, and ate tons of fun snacks. I had other things planned but they honestly had so much fun with Stranger Strings and Speak Out, my job was done. The moms were calling me the next morning saying their daughters wouldn’t stop talking about all the fun they had. I’m so glad Chesney’s 12th sleepover party was such a success!

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What sorts of party games for teens and tweens do you play?

Karen Glatt

Tuesday 13th of December 2016

These are great party ideas and a good time for teens and kids to have some good safe fun at home trying out different games. We love games at my house!

Carissa joslyn

Friday 9th of December 2016

Speak out looks like so much fun! My kids are still little (oldest is almost 7) i need to invest in some friends to play with!

Lissa Crane

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

Great ideas!

Sarah L

Tuesday 6th of December 2016

That can be a tough age to make a party for. You nailed it.

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