5 Family Road Trip Printables to Keep Tweens Looking out the Window

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We are going on a road trip! We’re headed to the east coast from Chicago. We’ll be stopping off at really cool places along the way reaching as far southeast as Savannah, Georgia. This post contains affiliate links.

With two kids and two adults in a car, it’s going to be quite an adventure. We’re prepared with fun printables, audio books, and tons of non-device-dependent activities for the road. This post contains affiliate links.

Simply click on the images in this post to download the PDF and print! 

Pictures of road trip printables.

Family Road Trip

My modern family is hitting the road for two weeks. By modern family I mean my two kids, my boyfriend and myself. We are quite a blended family. (Hence, #MFRoadTrip) 🙂

My kids don’t share the same father, though we never even realized they’re ‘half’ siblings until just a few weeks ago. Obviously, I knew this all along, but none of us have ever felt or thought of them as anything but just brother and sister.

My boyfriend, Evan, moved in a few weeks ago and we’ve never been happier. He’s originally from Virginia so we’re heading out to the east to meet his family.

Road Trip Printable Activity Sheets

Family road trip printables of cars

Does your family play the punch bug game? Mine does. And with 2 weeks in the car, this could get really old. So I came up with this printable. I’ve wrapped up some cute little toys to use as prizes. Small sliding puzzles, books, card games, and travel games make great prizes.

Our first stop is Bedford, Pennsylvania. We’ll be staying at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort! This property looks absolutely stunning and has 25 scenic miles of hiking trails!

I’m printing 14 of these for each kid so they have a way to journal each day. They get to draw where we’ve gone on the map and take notes about their favorite activities of the day.

Printing 14 of these for our road trip! Awesome way to journal for the kids

From there, we’ll be spending a day in Washington, DC. Then spending six days in the Richmond, Virginia area with Evan’s friends and family.

For the rest of the trip, we’ll be heading south along the coast visiting areas like Emerald Isle, Charleston and Savannah. Once we start heading back home, we’re heading inland to stay in the mountains somewhere near Chattanooga.

Update: We ended up staying in Louisville, Kentucky at the Hampton by Hilton downtown location.

I came up with this game as a fun twist on Scrabble. I can’t wait to play this one with the kids.

Free Printable. Super fun road trip license plate word game for tweens and parents!

My favorite memories from road trips we took as a family when I was a kid are of looking out the window and seeing so many new places. Mountains, rivers, cool trees, interesting architecture–all things missed when the kids are staring at a phone or tablet screen.

For our trip, we are banning devices during daylight hours. So, I’ve put together some printable road trip games to keep the kids looking out the window.

My kids are 10 and 14 now. I’m desperately trying to teach them the value of a dollar. They just aren’t getting it. Especially with a blogger mom that gets a lot of stuff for review, they just don’t understand.

On this road trip, they’re in charge of keeping track of all the expenses. Every time we have to get gas, eat out, or pay for hotel–they’ll write it down. I can’t wait to see their reactions to the grand total! See also – how to establish credit for teens.

Teach kids and tweens about road trip expenses by having them track all money spent. Road trip printables

I’m putting all these fun road trip printables in a binder for each kid along with graph paper to play fun games like tic-tac-toe, complete-a-square, and connect-four. But this one is also fun as a printable on its own. Just make sure you’re prepared with different colored markers or pens.

Road trip printables Connect 4

I used card stock, binders and fun Post-It Tabs to put together these fun activity binders for each kid. We’re so excited! By the way, these are the best marker/pens I’ve ever used in my life.

A binder with road trip games next to pens and a journal.

We’ll also be listening to audio books throughout the trip. You can see what your library has to offer to save a few bucks, or if you have a Kindle Unlimited account, there are hundreds of books to choose from.

What are your favorite road trip activities? 

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  1. Those are great printables. We kept a list of all the state license plates.

  2. I have never taken a road trip. If I did I would probably watch TV or listen to the radio. These road trip games sound fun, I have played the Slug-a-Bug game with friends.

    1. Brenae Klugkist says:

      There is only 4 sheets. How are you supposed to make an activity binder with 4 sheets in it?

      1. There ARE five, they’re free, and there are several ideas listed here on how to fill the binder with other activities.

  3. Julie Wood says:

    These are awesome road trip printables. I will have to print some of these out for our next road trip, The activities look like a lot of fun!

  4. vickie couturier says:

    very interesting,,im going to save these for the next road trip

  5. Dana Matthews says:

    This is great! Trip coming up and this will be perfect to keep my kids entertained! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alayna @AlaynasCreations says:

    Great ideas! I haven’t seen most of those before and with my kids leaving the ages when coloring books and I Spy keep them busy, these will come in handy on our next road trip. Pinned it for future reference 😉

    I am co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty link party this month and would love to have you stop by for a visit.

  7. This is wonderful! Pinning for our future road trips! Thanks for the ideas and for sharing them with us at the Brag About It Link party. Have safe travels!

  8. Erin @ the-organized-life says:

    These are great ideas! Wish I’d seen them about 2 weeks ago as we headed to Tennessee from Minnesota. I guess I’ll have to use some of your great ideas for our next road trip. Thanks for sharing, and have fun on your trip!

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