Easy Breakfast Recipes for Hectic Mornings

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Easy breakfast recipes are needed for hectic holiday mornings. We seem to get so caught up with shopping, meal planning, baking, and everything else to do with the holidays, that breakfasts can take a back seat. Easy breakfast recipes, or ones that can be prepared ahead of time, can be helpful this time of year.

Easy Breakfast Recipes for Hectic Mornings

A lot of people have guests staying with them over the holidays. In that case, breakfasts can become a lot of work to plan. I don’t know about you, but I like to plan ahead as much as possible. That way I can spend more time enjoying my guests, and not get so overwhelmed with preparing food non-stop.

I am also making a serious effort to plan breakfasts more often in the new year. So often Mike and I do not have a good breakfast due to lack of time. Planning ahead is the key. Thanks to several of my brilliant blogger friends, I have this roundup of amazing breakfast ideas for you.

Easy Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

Breakfast casseroles, bakes, quiches, muffins, and more for meals you can plan the day before. Either have breakfast options waiting on the table for your guests, or fire up the oven to awake the house with a delicious aroma. The key is to have most of the prep work already done so the morning isn’t so rushed.

Breakfast Casseroles

Delicious Overnight Slow Cooker French Toast Recipe

French Toast Bakes and Other Creations

Breakfast Bacon and Cheese Calzone Recipe

Quiches, Cups and Calzones

Overnight Oats and Quick Oatmeal Breakfasts

Light and Crunchy Banana Nut Coffee Cake Recipe

Muffins and Breads

Hopefully these suggestions help you plan your busy mornings a little better. Don’t skip out on a delicious breakfast due to holiday chaos. With a little planning and prep, you can have the yummiest of breakfasts all year round!

Do you have any easy breakfast recipes to share? Or which one of these would you love to try?

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  1. All of these recipes are amazing, but the ones that I really want to try are the Slow Cooker Cinnamon Roll Casserole, the Overnight Praline French Toast, the Individual Veggie Quiche Cups, and the Country Breakfast Casserole. Thank you for sharing this recipe post.

  2. Individual Veggie Quiche Cups looks so easy and brilliant. True story! I hate passing around my beautiful Calphalon Non-stick pan with eggs in it. I’m afraid someone will scratch it. Problem solved!

  3. Julie Wood says:

    I want to try the Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. There are a lot of wonderful recipes to make for an easy breakfast. I will have to try some of these!

  4. David Fultner says:

    I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tammy Woodall says:

    Yum, the Waffle Donuts look so good. The Mexican Sausage Cornbread Strata is something I would love to try.

  6. ellen beck says:

    I really llike the overnight French Toast recipe it looks good and also very easy= pop it in bake it off now thats my kind of cooking!

  7. Fee Roberts says:

    Thanks for all the great recipes! A lot of these, I’ve never heard of. They sound so good, especially the Microwave Monkey Bread 🙂

  8. XmasDolly says:

    These look scrumptious and so much so that I had to pin it so I can have these recipes. My hubby is going to fall in-love all over again! Thanks for sharing. Breakfast is my favorite meal. 🙂

  9. Saundra McKenzie says:

    I am going to try several of these. Thanks so much for posting them!

  10. Michele Ash says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these delicious east Breakfast Recipes! I really loved the recipe for Overnight Praline French Toast! WOW! That looks absolutely Delicious!!! I love French Toast, however, making it this way looks much more tastier! I have written down the recipe (my printer is broken again!) and I am definitely going to try this! I do have some pecans and I have the other ingredients except for the half and half! Other than picking that up, I’m ready! I can’t wait to give these a try! I’m sure that the family will just love these! Thanks again! I truly appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  11. David Fultner says:

    I love tasty treats. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Clancy Harrison says:

    I love this list. I am always looking for easy recipes for the hectic mornings! I will be referring to this post many many times.

  13. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole sounds pretty awesome. I think my kids would like that.

  14. Kim Croisant says:

    I love easy breakfast ideas!! These look so yummy – I’ve got to try the cinnamon spiced pancakes for sure.

  15. Catherine S says:

    These all sound really good. I would love to try the waffle donuts and crock pot Cinnamon Rolls.

  16. I love having quick breakfast ideas. These are perfect! Thanks so much.

  17. Chrystal @ YUM eating says:

    So many of these look and sound so wonderful. I love having quick breakfast ideas, especially those with eggs. That’s my favorite.

  18. I would easily get up for these breakfasts in the morning! These recipes all look delicious, especially the over night praline french toast!

  19. These all look so good. I think we are going to have to have breakfast for dinner a couple nights this week.

  20. Those look really great and easy to make. I usually just grab frits with my green smoothie

  21. Wow! There is not one thing here that doesn’t scream at me! I need to try every single thing here! I need to get more creative with breakfast and this will help!

  22. Debbie Denny says:

    That veggie quiche looks good. All look so good. Now I am hungry.

  23. They all sound amazing, but I have been on an oatmeal kick lately. I think I really want to try that pumpkin pie oatmeal recipe!

  24. This is a great list and I’d love to try most of them! My family has a series of allergies that make breakfast a challenge but I’m pinning these anyhow. Maybe I’ll have to take a casserole somewhere and need a quick recipe.

  25. Stacey- Travel Blogger says:

    The quiche cups look delicious! I always love a good recipe for a easy breakfast!

  26. This is a great way to have a Sunday brunch for the family too (selecting from the items you provided). I think the PB Banana shake sounds so good!

  27. Jennifer @ The Foodie Patootie says:

    YES! Love any recipe that promises fast results so I can get a move on the day. I want to eat breakfast daily, but some days I don’t have time before I have to leave for work.

  28. Mary O'Malley says:

    These all sound like they would be delightful breakfasts. Thank you for sharing them!

  29. April Decheine says:

    I love the Veggie Quiche, looks so cute. Wow a lot of great recipes!

  30. Those French Toast Muffins are going on my menu! Great round up over all!

  31. I’ll have to try those individual quiche cups. They look so good. I’m sure my family would love them.

  32. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    What a great list! I am always looking for new and fun breakfast ideas. I see many on this list that I would love to try.

  33. Breakfast is SO important! We love making egg cups or egg muffins. Easy to freeze and re-heat!

  34. Stacie@DivineLifestyle says:

    These all look SO good! I don’t know where to start on this delish breakfast journey you have here….

  35. There’s nothing like an awesome breakfast to get you in a good mood for the day, eh?

  36. Kathleen Kelly says:

    These all look really good…thanks for sharing…

  37. All these look so yummy. And sound so easy! Thanks for sharing with us

  38. David Fultner says:

    I want to make the veggie quiche.

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