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50 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

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Start making a plan with summer bucket list ideas for kids before they get out of school. Time goes by so quickly that it helps to have a rough schedule of things to do before the summer just blows by.

Take the time to make those memories and enjoy the weather. The activities don’t have cost a lot either, get creative and add your favorite things to do to this list.

A boy jumping out of the water in a pool.

50 Summer Bucket List Ideas to Plan with the Kids

Get the kids involved. Let them pick out their favorites to add to their summer vacation checklist. You can even make them a real list so they can check things off as they go.

Take lots of pictures and maybe even make a scrapbook once summer is over. If you do this every year, your kids will end up with quite the collection of memories to look back on for years to come.

  1. Make s’mores
  2. Go on nature hikes
  3. Feed the ducks
  4. Visit your local zoo
  5. Grow a plant from a seed
  6. Grow a garden full of produce
  7. Make cookies for neighbors
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Go fishing
  10. Watch the sunrise with a breakfast picnic
  11. Have a slumber party
  12. Make homemade pizzas
  13. Have a family game night
  14. Drink rootbeer floats
  15. Go to the fair
  16. Visit a farmer’s market
  17. Complete a puzzle
  18. Create a time capsule
  19. Make tie-dye shirts
  20. Have a movie marathon
  21. Stargaze
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Play with sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint
  24. Complete a paint by number or paint on canvas
  25. Play in the sprinkler
  26. DIY mani-pedi at home
  27. Have a spa day at home
  28. Make a lemonade stand
  29. Camp in the backyard
  30. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
  31. Swim at two different pools
  32. Go to a water park
  33. Watch a puppet show
  34. Visit a waterfall
  35. Build a sandcastle
  36. Participate in a hula hoop contest
  37. Ride on a boat or jet ski
  38. Look for animal prints outside
  39. Melt ice cubes on the sidewalk
  40. Go berry picking
  41. Make homemade ice pops
  42. Create crafts from Pinterest
  43. Have a marshmallow fight
  44. Volunteer
  45. Learn to sew
  46. Learn to knit
  47. Have a silly string fight
  48. Go to a carnival
  49. Take a day trip
  50. Hit up a garage sale
Kids playing in the sand at the beach.

What will you add to your summer bucket list for kids?

Jo-Ann Brightman

Saturday 8th of July 2017

This is a great lost. There is certainly going to be several things that kids would want to do.

ellen beck

Friday 16th of June 2017

I like your list. I really like how it isnt all full of go go go. Some of the best memories are those created together in a quiet moment.

Tatanisha W

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

I like this list of ideas! Our summer break starts this week, and I'm scrambling now to come up with ideas for the boys to do all summer! I want to keep them busy, but not too busy! We'll have to try some of these bucket list ideas!


Wednesday 31st of May 2017

Root beer floats are a fun idea that we haven't tried before! I know bowling and laser tag are on our lists.

Diane Hoffmaster

Monday 22nd of May 2017

My teens only have 3 days left of school. I told them I wanted to bring them to the zoo this summer and they were thrilled. I don't think they ever outgrow stuff like that!

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