Top Cocktail Recipes to Impress your Friends

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Since New Year’s Eve is this weekend, I think it’s the perfect time to share our top cocktail recipes. We don’t post a lot of cocktails regularly, so some of these beauties get buried.

If you feel like making something fancy for your 21+ friends, here are some tasty ways to do so. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Call an UBER!

Four cocktails in a collage.

Top Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy all Year

Of course, these top cocktail recipes are perfect for any time of the year. Girls’ night in, Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, or whenever. šŸ˜‰ Several of these recipes can easily be converted into mocktails, as well. Eliminate the booze, or replace it with something similar that’s non-alcoholic.

If you are hosting a party, channel your inner mixologist and whip some of these babies up. Is your friend having people over? Use the share buttons and tag them to let them know which drinks you’d love to try!

I can’t say it enough — please drink responsibly. The recipes are intended for adults of the legal drinking age only who enjoy cocktails in moderation.

Best Cocktail Recipes

Some of the best cocktails and mixed drinks to try the next time you're hosting a party!

Which of these top cocktail recipes would you love to try? 

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  1. My friends would be totally impressed. I love having different drinks for people at our parties. I will be using these ideas.

  2. All of these look quite wonderful to me. I would love for someone to make me any of them for New Years!

  3. The banana rumchita looks really good. I like quite a few of these. I dont much drink and so many could be made minus the alcohol!

  4. I have never heard of a Peach Cobbler Margarita! I want to make this drink , it sounds so delicious and margaritas are my favorite drinks.

  5. wow, thi drink is a crowd pleaser for my family and friends,. i love the clors and would be great for elegant backyard bash.

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